How To Avoid Car Theft in Alberta – 2024 Guide

Car security systems are often inadequate. Car thefts have become pretty common because determined thieves can easily break into cars and steal them. Some car models are stolen more than others because they are easier to break into. Buying a car is a heavy investment. So, getting your vehicle stolen is a massive blow to your finances. Therefore, it is necessary to get car insurance.

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A car insurance company will compensate you for your stolen vehicle. But vehicle theft requires a significant amount for comprehensive cost driver premium. Alberta has a high proportion of vehicle thefts. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a substantial amount of the financial costs for vehicle theft coverage are experienced in the province.

Car Theft In Alberta


Alberta accounts for around 29% of the car thefts in Canada. An average of 68 vehicles are stolen in Alberta in one single day. If you spot a stolen vehicle in Alberta, you should immediately report it to the police. Stolen vehicles often compromise the road safety of other drivers. It is not unlikely that a stolen car is driven beyond the speed limit causing fatal accidents.

A person who has stolen a car will have little or no regard for the road safety rules. Therefore, it will put the lives of other drivers as well as pedestrians in danger. Sometimes the reckless driving of stolen vehicles also leads to public property damage. The rash driving of stolen vehicles will also lead to an increase in insurance claims. Therefore, the premiums for this insurance will also increase.

Car owners need to be more alert about car thefts. A stolen car is not just an inconvenience for the owner. It also puts at risk the lives of other people on the road. Besides, car theft can lead to other crimes as well. Sometimes the parts of a stolen vehicle are sold in the black market. At times, the Vehicle Identification Number plate can be changed. Then, the car is sold to a new buyer.

The buyers often fail to realize that the vehicle is stolen.

Sometimes the stolen cars are driven from one location to another for conducting robbery or delivering illegal drugs. You should be a responsible citizen and immediately report it to the authorities if you spot a stolen vehicle. Even if you are not the car owner, you should complain to protect yourself and others.

Tips To Avoid Car Theft

Car thefts may be a common crime in Canada. But most of the vehicle theft crimes in Canada can be easily avoided. You need to be a little careful to ensure that your car cannot be stolen easily. Here are a few tips to remember to protect your vehicle from being stolen.

1. Park In A Garage


Cars are usually stolen from parking spots on the street. So, you should always try to park your car in a garage. A locked garage will ensure that no random person can break into your vehicle. You should keep the garage door opener securely. If someone gets access to the garage door opener, it is no longer an obstacle to break into your car.

But it might not be possible to park your car in a garage all the time. So, you should park your vehicle in a well-lit area. Most car thefts happen during the night as it is easy to break into someone else’s car under the shade of darkness. But a well-lit area will prevent a car thief from trying to break into a car, fearing that someone will catch them in the act.

2. Keep Vehicle Papers in A Safe Space


The car insurance papers and the car registration are some crucial documents. If a thief gets access to such personal details, they can steal your identity as well. The documents will contain your residential address. The thief can easily break into your house next if they want to. You will not want to put your family’s life at risk. You should carry the insurance and registration documents in your wallet.

Some people prefer keeping these documents in the car. Even if you keep the documents in the car, you should keep them in an unpredictable space. The glovebox is an obvious space to keep your car-related documents. So, a thief can easily find the documents after breaking into your car. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the documents in an uncommon spot.

3. Take The Keys And Lock The Doors


You might have the habit of leaving your car keys if you have a small errand to run. Suppose you are only stepping out of the car to get your takeout. You might think that there’s no harm in leaving the car running for a couple of minutes. But a car theft can easily take place within those couple of minutes.

Another common mistake that car owners make is not locking the car doors properly. It is practically an invitation for the thieves if you forget to lock the car doors. You need to ensure that you have closed your car doors. Give the handle of your car doors a tug to double-check. Some key fobs can automatically unlock doors. So, you should check for the combination with the key fob to know if the door has been locked properly.

Wrapping Up

Car thefts are a typical crime in Canada, with Alberta recording the highest number of car thefts. The citizens need to be cautious about preventing car theft. Every individual should immediately report to Alberta police if they spot a stolen vehicle.

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