How to Maintain Truck Cab Accessories

Through the analysis of the proportion of truck transportation costs, which is often referred to as the “whole life cycle” of the truck operating calculations. It can be understood that the largest proportion is the fuel cost, and the truck on the configuration of the support, but also can directly affect the later vehicle operation in the performance of fuel consumption. Good configuration is the need for regular maintenance and repair to create maximum value.

The cab is a guarantee of safe and correct driving for the truck driver, so in addition to the daily maintenance of truck parts, you also need to pay attention to the maintenance of truck cab parts. You can learn more about truck maintenance by clicking here

The truck cab space is small, in and out of frequent activities, it is easy to accumulate dust, breeding bacteria. For the sake of health, we should try to do a thorough cleaning of the truck cab once a year.

First, the following points need to be noted.

Air conditioner


Air conditioning inlet and outlet use in winter, it is very likely to be damp dust, impurities and other clogging operations, therefore, to do a good job of cleaning, unclogging, rust removal and other comprehensive maintenance, make sure the next use is clean.


Cold winter, most drivers do not open the windows to ventilate, gradually rising temperatures lead to bacteria inside the truck, so that the air quality inside the truck becomes poor or even produce odor, which is harmful to health. Therefore, the cab should be ventilated in time to avoid excessive bacterial pollution.



General vehicle seat part occupies most of the area inside the truck, is also one of the most exposed to the owner. When the seat is not very dirty, you can brush the surface of the seat with a long brush and a vacuum cleaner with strong suction, and then use the vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt. It is also important to check if the bolts and nuts are loose in all parts of the seat and to clean it for safety on the road.


Another important part of the truck’s interior is the dashboard, which everyone in the truck will face directly, and its cleanliness is the main concern when people ride to check the cleanliness of the truck. If you only use rags and sponges, you only do a simple cleaning of the surface, and these crevices are in need of a “special tool” for deep cleaning.In addition, most of the dashboard is plastic, in the sun’s ultraviolet rays and ozone in the air, the plastic material over time will appear aging, brittle, cracking and other phenomena. In order to avoid the aging of these plastic parts, a layer of clean water wax can be applied on the dashboard as a protective layer to block direct contact with air and prevent oxidation, which can effectively prolong the service life of plastic materials.

Truck headliner


The roof is usually cleaned by first cleaning a large area with a high-powered vacuum cleaner and brush, then using a neutral detergent solution to focus on cleaning the dirt concentration, and finally cleaning it once more comprehensively. However, it must be noted that the padding inside the roof is a heat-insulating and sound-absorbing material, which has a strong ability to absorb water, so the cleaning rag must be dry, otherwise it will be difficult to dry if the wet rag soaks the roof material.


The normal use of lights is an important guarantee of the driver’s driving safety, owners should pay special attention to the inspection and maintenance of lights. In the usual use and maintenance, we should pay attention to check whether the side turn signals, fog lights, brake lights, etc. are working properly, and if any bulb is found to be black, it should be replaced in time. After checking the lights, the owner must also check whether the light dust cover is intact. If the dust cover is broken, when driving rainwater is easy to enter, the formation of water mist in the inner layer of the lamp cover, so the brightness of the lights will be greatly affected, over time may also corrode the plug wire. The simple way to deal with water mist is to open the headlights, the use of light heat to make the water mist disappear.

Other interiors


For the steering wheel and transmission, brakes and other parts of the truck, you can use a small toothbrush or a rag with interior cleaning solution to absorb clean, and finally it is best to spray glass coating products on the windshield to prevent the windows from fogging up in the rain, snow or winter driving.

Second, in addition to this, the specific cleaning can be divided into the following steps.

  1. Move away the clutter, the bedding on the sleeper, storage grips of miscellaneous items, foot mats, center console above the ornaments, hanging decorations and seat covers and other things moved out of the truck, under the truck alone cleaning.
  2. Dust removal connected to the plug board, with the hair dryer to blow out the dust in the center control, seat crevices, door panels, window crevices.
  3. Cleaner cleaning, use foam cleaner in the order of roof – door panel – center console – seat – floor.
  4. Edge cleaning, use a soft toothbrush to wipe each seam, gear knob, button and other edge areas.
  5. Cleaning the seat belt, need to pay attention to it must use neutral soapy water or warm water, can’t dye or bleach as cleaning agent cleaning, otherwise will reduce the strength of the seat belt.

Finally, open the door to ventilate, let the cleaned truck compartment dry naturally, and then move the exterior cleaning bedding, pendants, cooking utensils and so on into the truck again.

Doing a good truck cab cleaning, not only to our health benefits, but also allows us to keep the mood happy and calm in the busy running journey, bringing more comfortable driving feeling.

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