5 Key Features Your Car Insurance Policy Should Have 

The purpose of car insurance is to protect you from the accidental costs that you cannot otherwise afford to pay for yourself easily. It important that your insurance policy has all the features necessary to cover you in the event of a disaster. Accidents are unpredictable even if you drive carefully. You must figure out the costs involved in a car accident that you cannot afford to pay for yourself. Once you know the areas in which you really need coverage, it will be easy for you to select the right car insurance. For more information here

Listed below are the key features your car insurance must contain.

1. Financial Cover is a Must:

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Financial coverage is usually vital. It provides financial protection from the expenses that arise as a result of an accident. That is because most of us cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars to replace their damaged car. Financial coverage also provides third party car insurance coverage other than the coverage of the damage costs incurred in your car. 

2. Bodily Injury Coverage:

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This coverage helps to pay the accident-related medical expenses resulting from a car injury. It will pay for the medical bills, lost wages, and pain to the other party. If you are at fault for an accident and the other person got injured, this coverage will also pay for the legal fees if he sues you for further damages. 

3. Property Damage Coverage:

Property damage helps to pay for the vehicle damages of another car even if you are at fault for any accident. You are responsible for paying the damages done to the other vehicles, and this coverage will pay for those expenses. It includes the repair costs of the other vehicle involved in the accident that’s caused by you. It also covers the other damages caused by an accident such as damage to exterior walls of a building, fence damage, and more. 

4. Collision Coverage:

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It provides financial protection in the event if your car crashes into another car. It helps to pay the repair and replacement costs of your car resulting from a collision or rollover. To avail this coverage, you have to pay a certain amount of deductible. This feature only provides coverage up to the limit decided in your insurance policy. Grundy car insurance is the all in one solution for all your coverage needs (check here for more information).

4. No Claim Bonus:

It is the discount you get in your policy premium if you do not make any claim during your policy period. It is a kind of reward for safely driving your car. This feature helps you save on the premiums of your next car insurance renewal. You should know the NCB discount percentage offered by your insurance company. For instance, you can receive a certain percentage of NCB discount for your next premiums for the first claim-free year. Your NCB percentage may grow with the growing number of unclaimed years. You can also transfer your NCB benefit to your new vehicle and from one insurance provider to another. However, NCB is only applicable to the renewal of a comprehensive car insurance policy. 


Please pay attention to the fact that car insurance is a very important legal requirement in most countries of the world. Users should also take into consideration the kind of vehicles they have. For example, private trucks and commercial trucks are subject to different kinds of insurance regulations. Everything from the kind of policy to the premium amounts, compensation claims and other things differ.

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