Exploring Dubai in a Luxury Van

Dubai is one of the most fascinating places on Earth. It epitomizes luxury. The word Dubai evokes the resplendent hotels, pristine beaches, unique futuristic architecture, impeccable service, and delicious food in one-of-a-kind restaurants. This oasis of opulence on the coast of the Persian Gulf is a dream destination for business people, romantic couples, and families with children.

Dubai At A Glance

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A capital city of the Emirate of Dubai, this place has literally risen from rags to riches, from a small fishing village to the world’s top tourist destination. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere attracts people from all over the world.

Opulent and top-rated – these words best describe most of Dubai’s offerings. It is the second global destination with the most five-star hotels and is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Although Tourism and Hospitality are Dubai’s principal areas of development, its revenue comes from retail, oil trade, aviation, real estate, and financial services. This fast-growing megalopolis in the place where the desert meets the sea is a magnet for both tourists and business travelers.

Exploring Dubai

With over 3 mln people living in Dubai permanently and nearly 20 mln visiting every year, the Emirate’s transport is evolving rapidly to accommodate the increasing interest. There are several kids of rail services, bus and tram routes, and a metro. You can reach Dubai by air via Dubai International Airport or by water, using of the city’s two ports.

The City of Dubai has several districts, each with its distinct culture and lifestyle. The best known are Jumeirah, a living area on the Gulf’s coast, and Dubai Marina, a vibrant artificial canal city. The main landmarks and attractions include Burj-Al-Arab, Burj-Khalifa, an artificial archipelago Palm Jumeirah, the World Islands, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Miracle Gardens.

Traveling Dubai in Style

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In Dubai everyone wants to live like a king. Grandeur runs in the veins of this city, which is not at all ashamed to demonstrate its wealth. Traveling Dubai by car is the best way to experience the high-profile, relaxed lifestyle of the Emirate.

Every Dubai hotel offers a driving tour. However, this does not compare to the freedom of driving the car yourself – especially if it is a luxury car. A thought of driving a turquoise Lamborghini past the Dubai skyscrapers is a dream come true.

But when you are traveling in a company of friends or with your family and children, you need a bigger car. Nothing beats a luxury van that will suit all your needs! If you want to explore the evolving, majestic emirate of Dubai and its capital in total comfort and security, look no further than Van Hire from Paddock Rent A Car.

Benefits of Luxury Van Rental in Dubai

There are several reasons why visitors choose to rent a luxury van and explore Dubai independently.

Vans Are Perfect for Long Journeys

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With extra legroom, comfortable back seats, and well-appointed interior, a luxury van is simply the best family vehicle. Some models can accommodate over 10 people and may be hired for more than one day.

Luxury Vans Are Safe

We take pride in our fleet of cars and customer service. However, on the road anything is possible. Robust vans are made to fit the demands of highways and dense traffic. Therefore, if you are planning to visit remote areas of Dubai, a luxury van is certainly your car of choice.

Independence Means Freedom

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Some travelers like to be taken around by a personal driver. Yet this diminishes the pleasure of exploring the area by yourself. A luxury van is a strong recommendation for single-minded travelers who want to make the most of their trip.

Renting a Luxury Van with Paddock Rent A Car

We are a specialist company with a large fleet of cars to fit every need and purpose. We are always happy to find the best vehicle to suit your plans. However, there are some aspects to bear in mind if you want to hire and drive a car in Dubai.

Driving Licence

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Business travelers and foreign visitors should have a valid passport with the entry visa and a driving licence issued by their country of residence.


Insurance is included in the rental price. This is a mandatory requirement from the Road and Transportation Agency (RTA).

Luxury Van Rental Price

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The price for luxury van rental includes a basic insurance and a 24/7 service for damage and repair. And a car of your choice, of course.


A deposit is required to rent any car with us. This is an insurance against any road damage or fine a customer may incur during his using the vehicle. Upon returning the vehicle in good condition and without any extra charges incurred, the customer will have his deposit credited back to his bank account.


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Two people can apply as drivers for a chosen vehicle. Both must provide a passport and a driving licence at signing a rental agreement.

Off-road Driving

We do not expect our customers to use the vehicle for driving in the sand. In the event of violation of this rule, we issue a fine of 500 AED and a compensation for external and internal damages to the car.

Our location

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Our garage is located just 15 minutes off Dubai International Airport. You can book a car with us in advance, have a taxi ride from the airport to the garage, and leave in your rented vehicle to enjoy your time in Dubai.


With some many ways to travel around this busy city of the UAE, a lot of visitors still prefer the freedom and comfort of hiring a car. At paddockrentacar.com we are proud to offer cars and passenger vans of tremendous quality that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Hiring luxury vans is the best choice for large companies of people, especially if there are children. These cars offer unrivalled comfort, security, and safety on the road.

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