Avoid These 5 Pitfalls Of Cooperating With Lithium Battery Suppliers

Avoid These Five Pitfalls Of Cooperating With Lithium Battery Suppliers? The right battery is a necessary element of your built product. Within the marketplace, each product competes for the excellence of being prime quality for its worth purpose. Lithium batteries provide the best price, boosting your application’s performance and reducing long-range battery replacement prices.

However, cooperating with the incorrect lithium battery supplier will very hurt your sales and client good feedback. If an experienced lithium battery supplier becomes a partner, they will provide you with safe, reliable and high-quality batteries. In your subsequent sales process, even if you encounter technical problems or battery design problems, a good lithium battery supplier will provide you with the best service and design. They can meet your needs in time.

You ought to partner with a well-reputed and experienced battery supplier to avoid these five pitfalls of cooperating with a small supplier:

1. Your lithium battery is out of stock:

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If you’re using an off-grid system, but without a battery to store solar power, you can not use your appliances or even light your home at night with no alternator. Considering the cost of gas, this is a very high-cost solution.

Lithium solar batteries are designed to know from other lithium batteries. They can be designed to operate specifically at 12, 24, or 48 volts and may be shaped differently to fit a specific application. Sometimes, the solar battery you need is difficult to find.

Small battery suppliers sometimes provide less of a product choice. So, after you want specific lithium-ion batteries quickly (perhaps as a result of your product is shipping out soon), maybe you waiting several months or more for your supplier to induce your batteries available.

It’s frustrating to pay accelerated shipping charges to receive your batteries on time. Often, there’s no guarantee your batteries can arrive in time. If your cargo is late, your customers’ deliveries will be also delayed

The supplier that has the mandatory lithium batteries for your application in stock are general specialists on their customers’ requirements. They apprehend that batteries customers are searching for and that they are very familiar with the market. A supplier with a big inventory usually has a wide range of client bases, which could be a positive sign that its merchandise and client service are higher than commonplace.

Your lithium battery supplier should have your requirement as its prime priority. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a battery that’s not the simplest acceptable application just because your supplier didn’t have the proper one in stock. As you think about lithium for your product, make sure to figure with a battery supplier that has management over its inventory associate degreed maintains an optimum stock.

2. Client service is simply too inadequate to assist you

Your lithium battery suppliers ought to be knowledgeable about your application’s power needs. However, even experience isn’t helpful if client service representatives are seldom obtainable to answer your queries. Smaller suppliers sometimes have fewer workers operating to help their purchasers.

When there’s a tangle with the batteries you ordered, you’ll need to wait longer for a response. Sadly, you can’t ship a product to your customers if it’s equipped with a problematic battery. These delays negatively impact your chance to create sales and hurt your own organization’s level of service.

And experienced lithium battery suppliers rely on their own knowledge of lithium batteries to quickly and accurately solve your problems. This has a positive effect on your sales of lithium batteries, which can improve your sales service level.

3. Your battery fails once the guaranty time Is over

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A good battery guaranty is important to boost your client’s good feedback. Your customers economize on battery replacement prices after they have a good guaranty, and that they conjointly feel safer in their purchases.

That’s why it’s necessary to appear for a lithium-ion supplier that suppliers up to 5 years of coverage. A larger, experienced supplier will be possible to supply the simplest battery guaranty, with free replacements or repairs in conjunction with technical support. On the opposite hand, the small vendors tend to supply shorter guaranty times as a result of they sell less reliable goods.

4. You’ve got to pay further shipping for your lithium battery

Since small suppliers subcontract their batteries, they need to charge their purchasers additional for shipping. International shipping is another challenge for lithium battery suppliers thanks to the government’s needs related to shipping lithium-ion technology overseas. Some large-scale suppliers have long-term supply of lithium batteries, so they have a certain foundation for the transportation of lithium batteries. These suppliers’ lithium battery shipping costs will be reduced.

5. The lithium batteries you got don’t seem to be prime quality

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Most small battery suppliers don’t manufacture their batteries. Your customers want a battery that has been assembled properly and tested victimization progressive tools. Otherwise, the battery could also be unsafe or fail untimely. A lithium battery’s cells conjointly should be matched and balanced utterly. The only way to guarantee battery has been created properly is to supervise production, which smaller suppliers are sometimes unable to try and do.

Large-scale suppliers can supervise the battery raw materials and control the quality from the source. At the same time, due to the accumulation of certain experience, there is a set of own methods in the production process. In the inspection process, there is also a set of own standards to ensure the quality of product production.


Experienced lithium battery suppliers will be more trustworthy partners once it involves providing safe, superior batteries suited to your product’s specifications. Whether or not you wish a custom lithium battery designed for your distinctive application or knowledgeable recommendations on selecting a ready-made resolution, an experienced supplier is set to fulfill your requirement. MaxworldPower is your best choice.

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