Why you need remote car starter

A remote carter is exactly what it sounds like. A way to start your car, securely from afar like your bedroom when you just woke up or from your office in a tall building. These remote car starters can come in three basic forms; some can be integrated into your car’s original equipment manufacturer car key, some are aftermarket remotes that you can put on your key ring and some can even be added on your smartphone as an app. Today we will be focusing on all these different types and why you need a remote car starter.

What’s so good about a remote car starter?


On the cold days of fall or freezing winter days, those 5 to 10 minutes it takes for your car to warm up on those freezing toes mornings can feel like it takes forever. It is even worse when you have to scrape all that ice off your windshield and mirrors while it is freezing outside. Simply put, cold hurts. But with a remote car starter, you can start your car from inside your house where it is warm, or your office or anywhere you are going with a car and wait till the car warms and defrosts itself.

According to recent studies, when the temperature outside reaches 70°F to 90°F the temperature inside of a parked car can reach 120°F or even 172°F. This means that by the time the air conditioning starts cooling the air in your car, you will already be dripping wet from sweat. This is even worse if you have leather seats in your car. But with a remote cart starter, you can start your car and cool down the air inside while you are waiting in the cool atmosphere of your home.

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What if my car already comes with a car starter?


Some cars do come with OEM remote car starts but have a very disappointing and limiting range of just 40 or 50 feet. Compare that to some aftermarket fobs that can have a range of about 600 feet to a mile away, and come with lots of other features.

There are even car starters that can be integrated into your current car key. Which means you will not have to be carrying around another gadget. These systems are usually for newer vehicles that have a more advanced factory-installed system, but if your vehicle was made in the past few years then It won’t be a problem. Once this system is installed to your car, just press the lock button 4 times, and your vehicle will start only a few seconds later. No added gadget to your key ring and it will operate exactly like an OEM car starter.


Can a remote car starter mess up with your car’s engine or electronics?

This technology can make our lives just a little bit cozier and easier, but there are some things you need to consider before buying/installing. You want to ensure that you are going to a reputable manufacturer that will install the system into your vehicle. If remote systems are installed properly, there is no need to worry about any future problems.

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