5 Reasons to Add a Subwoofer to Your Car Audio System in 2024

Upgrading a car is something a lot of drivers like to do. If you think about it, your vehicle is arguably the most important thing you own apart from your home. In the 21st century, a car is all-important as it allows you to do so many more things that would otherwise be difficult and challenging. While convenience is the key benefit of having your own set of wheels, you should also be comfortable and happy while driving.

Comfort and overall satisfaction with one’s vehicle comes in all sorts of ways and it is quite subjective. For some, it is the actual comfort of the seats that is prevalent while others mostly think about the infotainment system. For the true enthusiasts, it is the speed, power, and performance that are crucial for their pleasure. However, what all of them would probably agree on is the fact that the audio system has to be up to a certain level of quality.

In order to make sure your speakers are above the satisfactory degree, you have to install the proper speakers. And there is hardly a more important speaker than the subwoofer. Despite this, not every care has one. As a matter of fact, more stock cars come without one which means they need to be installed and added later, or at least as a part of a separate package. In this article you will learn why upgrading your vehicle audio system with a subwoofer is a smart idea and how it can get you better sound. To find out more about the topic, we highly advise you check out this site.

What are Subwoofers?

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Before we talk about car audio systems any further, we must determine what a subwoofer speaker actually is. This type of speaker is a loudspeaker that is made to produce low pitch frequencies that are much better known as bass and sub-bass. These two are lower in frequencies and cannot be produced on regular woofers. Subwoofers come in ranges of anywhere between 20 and 200 Hz in general consumer products. The important thing to know is that this type of speaker is never used on its own since they are made to augment and increase the overall quality of the sound coming from the audio system at play as a whole. It works in unison with the low frequencies of other, high-frequency bands.

The name “subwoofer” is not stuck to this type and everyone knows them as such, when in reality it only describes the speaker driver. It is common however to call the entire thing, including the cabinet or the enclosure of the speaker as a subwoofer. First developed in the 1960s, by the 2000s they became universal in all types of sound systems, especially surround sound and sound reinforcement scenarios and devices. Nightclubs, concert halls, and any other place that heavily relies on sound for optimal experience has multiple subwoofers placed on key locations. More importantly to our topic today, there have become an integral part of car audio and infotainment systems.

Why Have One

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider treating your four-wheeler to a subwoofer system, most important of which are mentioned in the following section.

1. Smoother and Better Sound

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With the addition of such a strong device that gives out a more refined and detailed sound, it is obvious how beneficial it is for the overall experience. There is no distortion and the audio that you are playing comes out almost perfect. The full potential of the whole system comes to play and it only becomes the matter of the audio file quality and reception at that point. The quality is the clearest with lower volumes and you will get the real atmosphere going when you turn it up to eleven.

2. You Can Put It Wherever

The good thing about subwoofers in cars is that you have no constraints on where to put them. With regular systems that are not meant for cars, there are certain rules to be followed for optimal sound quality. However, in cars, you can place them wherever since they will manage to provide an enclosure. Back in the day most subwoofers went under the seats and in the trunk because there is unused space there while the doors feature regular speakers. That was also fine since the subs do not need direction. They provide non-directional audio and do not need clear positions in visible places to be efficient.

3. Lack of Bass Without Them

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It is clear. If you want bass from your system and the full enjoyment of numerous music and other content that utilizes the all-important sound effects and base dropping, you have to equip the interior of your car with a quality subwoofer. There is no way around it and we know that you know it. The rest of the speakers cannot reproduce the sounds responsible for the bass, especially the car stereo speakers in most cars. You can easily test this by comparing the same audio files on your home and car audio, respectively, as proof. If you do not like what you hear, a sub for the vehicle is in order.

4. Takes the Load Off

Not only will you be able to properly enjoy your music, but you will be taking the load off the rest of the speakers by limiting their workload and saving them from having to do it all. Subs specialize in the bass department, so the smaller and weaker speakers no longer have to reproduce extremely low frequencies and suffer in the process. They can focus on doing what they do best and reproduce the sounds in other frequency ranges, the ones they are meant for and feel comfortable in.

5. Full Spectrum Sound

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With the subwoofer in your car, you will finally be able to hear the sound as it was meant to be heard. Remember that artists and content creators use expensive, high-tier equipment to record their sound. You are not really able to hear such a wide spectrum and fully experience it if you lack the proper equipment to do so. Therefore, if you want to immerse yourself fully in the audio you are listening to, you have to pair your current speakers with a sub.

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