What Speaker Size Is Ideal For Your Car

You already know that speakers are the most important part of every car audio system since you probably already have a set in your own car. This is because most of the sound that we hear while we are in the car comes out from the speakers and the whole quality completely depends on the speakers you have bought and installed. However, if you want to achieve that “perfect” sound inside of your car you will first have to understand what types of speakers there are, their sizes and their pricing. Make sure you read until to end if you want to understand how to find the ideal speaker size for your vehicle

What type of car speakers do I need?

Before you run into the shop and get yourself a set of overkill speakers, first we should explain all the types of speakers you can find.

Tweeters – High Notes

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Tweeters speakers are the type that is made to play all the high notes of your music. They are usually placed on the sides of the dashboard close to the windshield and are a much smaller size than the door speakers. You can also see them installed high on the door, usually next to the door handle. Tweeters are almost always installed in a stereo setup, however, you can always just by one if you have a reason why.

If you want to get the most out of your coaxial speakers, you should consider installing 6×9 inch ones. If you cannot find the perfect speaker brand for your car, we recommend that you read this article on digitalprosound.com.

Subwoofer – Power of Bass

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This type of speaker is made to handle all the low frequencies that most mid-size speakers and tweeters can’t handle. They are usually much bigger and powerful than all the other speakers you can find in your car. They are usually installed in the trunk just because of its size. There are various different sizes of subwoofers, but the most commonly used are the 8-inch ones, 10-inch and not as common, but still a good choice, the 12 and 15-inch subwoofers.

Coaxial Speakers – Both High and Low Notes

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This type of speaker is probably the most known one since they are very similar to regular (non-car) speakers. However, the big difference between these speakers is that the ones you have at home probably have separate mid-range, high-range and bad speakers in one speaker box, while coaxial speakers have all of those speakers are in just one cone. You might wonder why that is. The reason why coaxial speakers come 3 in 1 is that speaker manufacturers want to save up on space so they can fit them in cars. You can find them in 6×5 inch, 6×8 inch and 6×9 inch sizes.

If you cannot decide what type of size you should get installed into your car, consider checking out what you already have inside of your car. If you already have 6×9 inch coaxial speakers installed in your car door, then you will not go wrong with the same size.

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