The Truth About Ceramic Coating – It’s Got A Lot To Recommend It

What Are Time And Money Worth To You?


It is said that time is money. If that’s the case, saving time saves you money; but there has to be a compromise. If you do nothing, you save all your time, but there goes the money. If you have no time and all the money, how can you use it? Balance is key, and one of the most important areas where balancing time and money yields ROI is vehicular management.

Return On Investment (ROI), refers to the money you get back for what you spend. If you bought a used car for $5k, spent $3k on maintenance a year, and got 100k miles out of it, then for $20k, you got 100k+ miles at your discretion. That’s 57.5 cents per mile, as valued by the IRS, meaning you’re looking at $57.5k in value for a $20k investment.

If you bought new, the vehicle loses value quicker but has the potential to provide even more value. A used car is likely going to quit working right inside 100,000 miles, and the cost of repair will make it so it’s wiser to get a different used vehicle than keep the one you initially purchased on the road.

Meanwhile, it is possible to keep a car on the road over 1,000,000 miles, which is something like 50 years at 20k miles a year. That’s a lot of ROI, and the best way to make a vehicle be so productive is to take good care of it continuously. Wash it, inside and out; apply protective coatings. One of the best things you can do is apply a ceramic, hydrophobic coating.

What Does A Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating Do?


One of the most corrosive compounds is simply water. Sunlight also does much to diminish vehicular value over time. Dust, rust, alkaline build-up, animal excreta from birds on the wing, hail, acid rain—all combine to gradually decompose your vehicle. Leave a car in a field for a year or two, and it’ll about fall apart.

Hydrophobic coatings are made of chemical nanotechnology which keeps water from beading up on your vehicle. It reduces how corrosive natural elements are to your car, and makes the vehicle last longer. Ceramic coatings will retain vehicular shine longer, and keep varying micro-particles from invading nooks and crannies. Specifically, ceramic coatings protect the paint.

The level of “newness” your car seems to have when you sell it will do much to facilitate the price you can ask. The nicer the car looks, the more money you can sell it for. Hydrophobic ceramic nanoparticles properly applied to make your car look like you just drove it off the lot yesterday. Sites like this one,, can help you find just the right ceramic option.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Car


There is a direct relationship between the sort of maintenance you do on your vehicle, and how well it functions. When you wash your car regularly, it will last longer. This is because corrosive compounds are cleaned away. Well, similarly, when you apply protective compounds, you additionally give your vehicle a way of keeping destructive substances away.

So the question you’ve got to ask yourself is: what’s your time worth? Spending a little time putting on a ceramic coat, and properly washing your car, can make it last longer, reducing the time you spend repairing the vehicle or finding a new one. You can additionally maximize whatever financial investment you made in the vehicle.

While a ceramic coating won’t protect your car from everything, it will protect your vehicle exceptionally well against most things, and it can pay for itself through added value over time. You can get more mileage from your car at less cost when you take good care of it, ceramic treatment helps you do that.

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