5 Best Yamaha Dirt Bikes For Racing in 2024

Dirt bikes are specifically designed for rough terrains, bumpy roads, and uneven surfaces. These are the dream bikes of many bikers and motorcycle lovers. While the market for these bikes is quite vast, given their popularity, many brands are now available for consumers to choose from. However, Yamaha remains the unanimous king and is the first choice of many, including the professional racers.

Various online websites are now available on the internet to help buyers make the right choice. These websites offer buyers and bikers a detailed analysis of different dirt bikes, and users can also compare between two, based on the specifications and other aspects. People looking for new bikes can head to this website for additional research and more information.

Yamaha is usually the first choice of many when it comes to top-quality dirt bikes, like the TTR230, which is a fan-favorite and a dream of many. The America-based corporation provides bikes in both 2 stroke and 4 strokes models. The automobile giant is set to release a new lineup of 4 stroke dirt bikes in 2024. Given below is a list of 5 best Yamaha dirt bikes for racing:

1. Yamaha TTR230

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If you want to test how professional riders feel, or simply want to learn to ride a dirt bike, then this is the one bike for you. Yamaha TTR230 can be your subtle start to the racing world. The simple suspension will keep you gripped and protected.

The trail bike will help you get the gist of the real world experience without you getting injured or spending too much on bike repairs. The motorbike has an impressive 4-stroke, 223 ccs, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. This makes the bike have a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The motorbike has a massive tank, with a capacity of 8 liters. The bike weighs just over 110 kilograms and is ideal for agile angles and new learners.

2. Yamaha WR250F

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Yamaha WR250F is an ideal bike for rocky terrain and cross-country racing. The bike is expanded from the original YZ line of Yamaha, with some additional settings and modifications. The bike is one of the fastest dirt bikes, with a maximum speed of 137 km/h. WR250F has two riding modes to suit the riders best.

The regular mode is ideal for everyday travel, or for the leveled roads, whereas the racing mode is perfect for racing in the adventurous terrains of uneven mountain lands. The racing mode has a few extra settings like fuel injection and fast ignition, to meet the needs of the riders. The bike offers a massive 250 cc, single-cylinder engine, with liquid-cooling mechanisms to prevent overheating. This beast flaunts a bilateral aluminum frame, which is much lighter and more durable, making it one of the best off-road bikes available.

3. Yamaha YZ450F

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The “Old is Gold” phrase could perfectly describe this bike on the list, Yamaha YZ450F. Originally made at the beginning of the 21st century, Yamaha is bringing back this majestic beast in 2024, with some over-the-top modifications and improvements, which will surely catch every off-road bike lover’s eye.

The engine has been modified to an ultra-compact high-tech model which will deliver a phenomenal power of 450 ccs. This specification has really turned this off-road bike into a powerful beast. Apart from the power-packed engine, Yamaha has also added its signature “Speed Sensitive System” to increase the suspension of the bike.

The components of the chassis have been changed, and along with the aluminum beam framework, the bike is extra light. The reduced weight has obviously increased its speed, as the maximum speed of the same is almost 130 km/h.

4. Yamaha YZ250F

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Yamaha’s YZ250F might be the one true choice of professional racers all over the world. This bike is majorly used for racing tournaments, such as Cross-Country, Motocross, and Enduro. The multiple-times champion beast vehicle is a clear dominator of the tracks, equipped with an advanced 250cc engine and a 4 stroke valve.

This engine is world-renowned for its broad spectrum of speed and power delivery. The advanced aluminum body frame allows the users and riders to do tricks, without getting worried about the shape and condition of the bike. The top speed provided by this beast is 105 km per hour.

5. Yamaha YZ85

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The modified version of the original YZ80, which was released almost five decades ago, YZ85 is definitely a bike to watch out for in 2024. The company has not revealed much about the specifications and changes, but here is everything that they have told the world so far. The bike still has a 2 stroke engine. Yamaha is the name you can trust when it comes to 2 stroke engines because these are easily turned on and ignited.

The body has a detachable alloy frame with hints of aluminum, making it much more stronger and sustainable. This bike is primarily focused on budding racers and are well-suited for the same. The rear axle has been modified as well and provides much higher torque than the parent bike. Since this beast is majorly for young racers, the single-cylinder engine only gives out a maximum of 85cc power. This is not very much but should be enough to cater to the needs of racers without the fear of exhaustion.


Off-road bikes are one of those things that is a common dream of everyone. These motorcycles add to the class of the riders and are ideal for professional racings. In the world of dirt bikes, Yamaha is the first choice for many. Yamaha is one of those brands which the clients and consumers trust with their eyes closed.

The corporation provides one of the best vehicles in the market after thorough inspections, quality checks, and controls. Riders can purchase these dirt bikes from the official websites or the selected retail outlets. The corporation also has a mobile application, the Yamaha Power Tuner App, which allows the users to check and adjust the tuning of the various parts of the bikes. The app can be downloaded from all leading app stores. All the above-mentioned bikes support this feature.

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