Motorcycles and Earplugs Go Hand-in-Hand

If you’re looking to buy a motorcycle soon, there are a number of different companies you could buy from. There’s Honda with their 2019 Gold Wing line of motorcycles. They feature six-cylinder engines, 7-speed transmissions, and front suspensions. There’s also the BMW 2020 R 1250 R, which has a twin-cylinder boxer engine, camshaft control, and boasts a dynamic electronic suspension adjustment. If you’re wanting to go green, there’s the Harley 2020 Livewire series of motorcycles that have a 146-mile battery, no clutch, and has chassis and electronic brake control, as well as a fully adjustable suspension.

If these models sound like fun, you might also want to travel across the country. Traveling cross-country, you will pass through multiple states over thousands of miles. You’ll have fun and enjoy the good scenery as you ride. Of course, you’ll also want to accessorize. Whether it’s buying a leather jacket or wearing the best-looking motorcycle helmet, you’ll want to look good while driving. And you’ll also want to be safe.

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On the road, there is a danger that relatively few people think about, and that is the number of decibels a motorcycle rider can be exposed to as they ride. Decibels are a unit of noise pressure. The louder the noise is over 80 decibels, the less you can be exposed to it throughout the day. Motorcyclists get exposed to any number of decibels as they ride.

First, the noise of the wind whipping around you as you ride is about 100 decibels, which can cause serious hearing damage over an 8-hour period. A large commercial truck’s horn is about 150 decibels, which can cause serious damage as well. A motorcycle engine is about 90 decibels, but it’s even louder for the rider, and can still cause slight damage over an 8-hour period.

Second, this noise can lead to either tinnitus or noise-induced hearing loss. Tinnitus is defined as a constant ringing of the ears. This constant sound will leave you with headaches and give you trouble with concentrating. Noise-Induced hearing loss is similar, but the ringing is usually a higher pitch and more annoying and is very common in people who are constantly exposed to noise in their jobs, such as a construction worker or a dentist.

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Finally, hearing damage is caused by injury to cilia in our ears. These are antennae-like structures that process and convey sound to our brain. Once the cilia are damaged, they cannot regenerate, so hearing damage can be permanent. In more extreme cases, the complete disabling of cilia will lead to complete hearing loss.

Therefore, it is so important to make sure your accessories come with earplugs for motorcycle riders. These earplugs can even be custom fit to your ear. These custom-fit earplugs will not move around under your helmet and fit into your ear canal, so they won’t fall out while riding. Some custom fit motorcycle earplugs even come with filtering technology, so you can still hear the sounds of the road.

Earplugs for motorcycle riders are essential because they protect your ears from dangerous decibels while riding your motorcycle. There will be no lasting damage to your hearing if they are worn, and you will enjoy the sounds of the road for years to come. Your decision to protect your hearing will help you live a better and fuller life, so don’t delay and make sure you protect your ears now. Visit this blog for more information.

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