Everything You Need To Know About Portable Restroom Trucks

Always curious how those sanitation trucks work, the ones with the large cylindrical container? Well, if so, you’ve come to the right place. Essentially, there’s a hose to suck the waste out of the portable restroom and a compartment for cleaning and refilling the water system. Sometimes, these trucks are made with a carrier so you can get a portable restroom. Sanitation trucks are expensive, so it’s important to know the ins and outs of the truck. With that in mind, we pull apart the restroom truck.


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If you’re looking to start a small business, or you need a quick fix out on the road, slide-in is a perfect choice. Slide-in units are sanitation tanks that fix onto any standard truck. You can find a full range at SatelliteIndustries restroom trucks.


This is the foundation of the truck, the frame of the vehicle where the engine, brakes, axles, tires, and suspension sit. On portable restroom trucks, the cab is also attached to the chassis. You can source trucks from any manufacturer to suit the needs of your sanitation pump. Once you’ve purchased the truck, your portable toilet pumping system will be attached by a separate manufacturer.


Attached to the chassis, this will be your sanctuary on the road – so make sure you choose the right one for you. When it comes to choosing the right cab you should check for visibility, make sure the dashboard is readable, and have a look for entertainment systems.

Sometimes, you can get the control panel for your tank installed into the cab – you should talk to your manufacturer about customizations.


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The tank is your haul and is made with ease and efficiency in mind. Whatever your needs, there will be a manufacturer to suit your style. The primary concern when choosing a tank is the material. You need to choose a material that will be lightweight, depending on your route, because some roads have weight limits.

For those of you looking to jump into the future, you should look into HDPE tanks – lightweight and rust-proof for long-lasting service.

Tank Compartments

The tank is made up of several features, including the waste compartment and the freshwater compartment. After all, there’s no point in emptying a restroom if you can’t clean it and refill it with fresh water.


For the most part, everything the tank does is located on the workstation. Here, you will find buckets, hose and reel, pressure wash system, toolboxes, and power take-off controls (PTO). However, as mentioned previously, the PTO system is sometimes located in the cabin.


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The pump is the main part of your system. The pump will be powered by the truck and connect to the portable restroom. You need to ensure you have the correct size and fitting before you can start work. Communicate with your manufacturer if you’re unsure.

Now, you’re ready to go and clean the nation’s portable toilets. Once you’ve got your chassis, the most expensive part of your operation will be the tank.

Mobile toilets have greatly changed the way festivals are organized, so today public events of this type can take place anywhere. Forests, meadows, expanses, positions near lakes and rivers are more accessible for the organization because, with the help of mobile toilets, no ecological waste remains after the festival. Movable toilets are very practical when organizing various outdoor events, but they are also necessary for places such as facilities under construction and the like. The cabin has a built-in fecal tank, which before use is equipped with a disinfectant to neutralize odors and prevent the development of bacteria, and we empty it with a special vehicle for servicing mobile toilets. The roof of the mobile toilet lets in light, which enables the normal use of the mobile toilet even at night if it is placed in a place under electric lighting.

Research also shows a positive ecological status of the use of portable toilets, one of which is water saving. Experts estimate that the use of portable toilets saves about 45 billion liters of freshwater each year because these toilets do not require running water after each use. By renting portable toilets, you help preserve the limited amount of fresh water in the country.

Mobile toilets do not require a water connection, but the installation site must be flat and accessible to service vehicles. Cabins are made of different volumes, depending on the needs, or the expected frequency of people. There are various designs of these cabins, and you can find men’s toilets, women’s toilets, or for the disabled.

It is believed that the industry for the production of mobile toilets is developing rapidly and that the twenty-first century has set a precedent among toilets, making us prepare for the future that is on the threshold. We should not be surprised by the chargers for the phones in the toilets, because we know that we are the most concentrated there for reading the news. Which has been pretty crazy lately.

How to transport a portable restroom?

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If you decide that you need one, the companies that manufacture this type of toilet are there to help you, deliver the toilet, and install it in the desired location.

As we can see, these toilets are very useful and environmentally friendly, and their price is acceptable, and it is not surprising that day by day we can see them placed in more and more places.

Whether you are organizing an outdoor party, a concert, or any similar event, you want to rearrange your old truck and make it a mobile apartment that you will enjoy with your family in different destinations, be sure that this is something that will help you a lot. to facilitate travel and driving. It is true that the essence of the need to go to the toilet has never changed, so why not make it easier for yourself when you are on the road?

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