What kind of trucks does International make?

There is no doubt to the fact that road freight transport is the backbone of trade and commerce all around the world. One such company fulfilling this need is International Trucks.

The role and importance of International Trucks stem from their ability to offer assistance in different types of jobs.

The different types of trucks available here are segregated into light, medium, heavy, and severe truck models. This article will discuss in detail the truck models available in all of these categories.

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Popular Trucks Available With International Trucks

Listed below are some of the most popular trucks that International Trucks make:

  • Light Model Truck

With International Trucks, under the light model, you can avail of the CV™ SERIES. This is a commercial-grade truck that is used for multiple purposes.

A powerful International 6.6-liter, 350-horsepower engine with 700 lb.-ft. of torque is situated under the hood. Overall, all the features of CV make it capable of handling GCWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of 37,500 lbs.

It was tested that the truck can handle 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit in Fairbanks, Alaska, and 115 degrees Fahrenheit in Apache, Arizona. It also proved its worth in 12,000 feet high-altitude testing in Loveland Pass, Colorado.

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  • Medium Model Truck

Under the medium truck section, International Trucks offers its customers 3 truck models. These are CV™ SERIES, MV™ SERIES, and ELECTRIC MV™ SERIES.

MV™ SERIES is designed and built to enhance maneuverability, visibility, and safety. This truck model has an aerodynamic hood along with breakaway mirrors. Both of these features provide the driver with better and superior visibility.

Like the  MV™ SERIES, the ELECTRIC  MV™ SERIES is also designed to provide better visibility and maneuverability. As a result, it is ideal for straight rail applications. The wheelbase for this model is available in four options- 217″, 236″, 254″ and 272″.

One important feature of ELECTRIC  MV™ SERIES is its battery life. It has a peak power of over 335 horsepower. In addition, its 210kWh high voltage capacity provides a 135-mile range when it is charged completely.

  • Heavy Truck Model

International Trucks has three very powerful options in the heavy truck models- LoneStar®, LT® Series, and RH™ Series.

The model by International Truck has a 60% smaller and 40% lighter single-canister after-treatment system. Moreover, all the service points under the hood are designed to offer easy access.

LT® Series is another heavy-duty truck by International Trucks. It has an updated front-end design which includes a new bumper and grille style.

The RH™ Series was also designed to provide improved reliability and serviceability. It has cab wiring that includes new harnessing and in-cab power distribution.

The survival points inside the hood, around the vehicle, and inside the cab are designed in a way to provide easy access to the driver.

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  • Severe Truck Model

Under the severe truck models, you will find HV™ SERIES and HX® SERIES.

The HV™ SERIES was designed to offer improved safety and visibility. This model includes newly designed doors, repositioned cab mirrors, and a low-rake windshield. This model also decreases the risk of vision-related accidents by reducing the head turn angle.

Trucks in the HX® SERIES come with a durable three-piece strong and crack-resistant hood. In addition, the asymmetrical front spring packs and big-bore diesel engines provide long-term durability and reliability.

  • Legacy Models

They also have a section of legacy models that includes DURASTAR®, PROSTAR®, TRANSTAR®, and WORKSTAR®. All these trucks are strong and reliable and ensure safe and efficient vehicle operations.

They have a tough exterior and a comfortable interior. With the addition of other features, these models enhance the overall transportation process.

All of these models are carefully designed to provide outstanding visibility and maneuverability. The air disc brakes and electronic stability control offer drivers with improved safety and enhanced confidence behind the wheel.


The reliability of International Trucks has been proven over the years with their sophistication and technical expertise in building on- and off-highway trucks. In addition, their dedication has helped them establish their prominence in nearly 1,000 locations worldwide.

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