2017 Honda CR-V Review

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2017 Honda CR-V would definitely be a car of the future since it would suffice every standards that a modern SUV should have. Namely, it would have perfect design which would be combined with great engine options and there would certainly be great equipment package.

2017 Honda CR-V Exterior

Honda CR-V 2017 would have a very aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing exterior design since the lines and edges would be very smooth. The car would have four doors, and its trunk part would be slightly raised thus creating bigger cargo area. Also, the model would come with four doors and LED headlights and taillights.

2017 Honda CR-V side

Honda CR-V 2017 Interior

2017 Honda CR-V would have two rows of seats which would be able to receive up to five passengers which can enjoy in leather seats. Also, there is no doubt that the manufacturer would also include a lot of high-tech gadgets, like Bluetooth and iPod connectivity.

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2017 Honda CR-V interior

New Honda CR-V Engine and Transmission

Regarding the engine options, it is also speculated that the manufacturer would offer a variety of engine options and that they would all be very reliable and powerful. First of all, it is believed that the manufacturer would offer a 1.6 liter engine and that this would be a diesel engine capable of producing about 120 horsepower. Then, it is speculated that the manufacturer would also offer a petrol engine version, and that it would be a 1.5 liter engine with the capacity of producing about 130 horsepower.

2017 Honda CR-V engine

Finally, there are some predictions that the manufacturer would also offer a third engine version, and that it would be the most powerful version, i.e. it would be a 2.2 liter engine. Also, the belief is that the manufacturer would also offer the front-wheel and the four-wheel driving system for 2017 Honda CR-V. Furthermore, it is believed that the manufacturer would significantly reduce fuel consumption.

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2017 Honda CR-V Release Date

The manufacturer has not provided any information regarding the potential presentation date of the new Honda CR-V in the showrooms around the globe. Nevertheless, it is believed that this SUV would hit the showrooms during the beginning of 2016.

2017 Honda CR-V front angle

Also, we do not have any clue about the commencement of the sales, but it is believed that the sales would begin during the end of 2016, or even during the first half of 2017.

Honda CR-V 2017 Price

Taking into account that we are talking about an SUV which has not seen the light of the day, we surely do not have any precise and reliable information about its price. However, it is believed that the price estimates for 2017 Honda CR-V would be available after the official presentation of the SUV, i.e. during the middle of 2016.

2017 Honda CR-V rear

It is true that 2017 Honda CR-V is still a kind of a mystery; however, there is no doubt that this SUV would certainly have everything an excellent SUV should have, starting from great design, good equipment packages and reliable engine options. We should just wait to see what would be the price range for different variants of this model.

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