2015 Dodge Ram Release Date and Price

What to expect from the 2015 Dodge Ram. Chrysler made separate Ram division just for heavy duty and full size trucks that were produced under the dodge Ram line. Dodge Ram line got its name from the ram ornament the first vehicles had on their hoods. New 2015 Dodge Ram will be a luxurious pick up truck. Similar to the earlier models it will come in a few versions like 1500, 2500, 3500 etc. As well as in standard trim levels like: SLT, Longhorn, Laramie Longhorn, Outdoorsman etc.

2015 Dodge Ram Exterior

2015 Dodge Ram review

Most of the exterior details from the 2014 Dodge Ram model are going to stay the same. Big Chrome Ram logo is still on the top of the grille. There are some changes in the bumper and door design, but nothing too different to be mentioned here.

2015 Dodge Ram Interior

2015 Dodge Ram interior

The 2015 Dodge Ram interior on the other hand went through some serious changes. Dodge Ram has a new navigation system. There is also a new electric steering and number of additional hi tech options you could only dream of in previous years.

2015 Dodge Ram Engine

2015 Dodge Ram engine

With trucks like this power and towing capacity was always number one on the list. New dodge Ram will come in few different trims with different engine options. Until now the best one proved to be the EcoDiesel engine, 3,0 liter V-6. Most popular model in the previous years was 1500, with EcoTec engine which can pull out from 280 to 460 horsepower and from 305 to 460 pound feet of torque. Torque is everything when it comes to pick up trucks , we all know that.

2015 Dodge Ram preview

Release Date

Release date will be in the end of this year, probably in December. There are not much information other then that, especially about the price of the new Dodge Ram model. We expect the price will be revealed sometime during summer or fall this year.


We are all witnessing a new pick up craze around the whole country. So you can’t go wrong with pick ups this time. Competition is huge and each pick up one the market has something unique to offer. Full size pick ups launched in this model year have power and towing capacity of heavy duty pick ups from just few years back. We are not sure how long is this going to last, probably until next economic crises. Anyway this is the time for spending, luxury pick up truck era, and we will enjoy it to the fullest while we still can.


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