2015 GMC Sierra Diesel Review

New 2015 GMC Sierra Diesel heavy duty pick up truck offers commodity and power at the same time. This model was first time launched for 1998 model year and has a twin in Chevrolet’s Silverado model. Both Silverado and Sierra were launched to replace Chevrolet C/K pick up truck. Through all their history Sierra and Silverado were literarily the same. Although they have slightly different campaigns with Silverado being advertised as a vehicle best used for agriculture and Sierra for the industry, although it has some more luxurious trims as well.

GMC Sierra Diesel 2015 Exterior

It looks like, GMC gave little more attention to the trucks exterior then the Chevrolet. That’s why Sierra looks much more luxurious and bling bling then the new 2015 GMC Sierra Diesel.

2015 GMC Sierra Diesel preview

It uses almost the same bed as the Ford F 150 model, but comparing to the F 150 Sierra’s main competition, Sierra has much larger grille and more OG in its looks.

2015 GMC Sierra Diesel Interior

From the interior features it has a standard hi tech options we can see in 2015 GMC Sierra Diesel as well. There is MyLink application, IntelliLink and a quite large front infotainment display.

2015 GMC Sierra Diesel interior

It also offers a lot in the hi tech safety department, it has a rear-view camera, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Safety Alert Seat and a Parking Assistance which is necessary when parking a truck this big.

GMC Sierra Diesel Engine

In the diesel version 2015 Sierra comes with 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel V-8. Quite a powerful engine, that pulls out 397 horsepower and fantastic 765 pound feet of torque. As we all know that in truck it is all about the torque, Sierra offers quite good performance and tow capacity.

2015 GMC Sierra Diesel engine

GMC Sierra Diesel 2015 Redesign

Now more and more regular drivers decide to buy a heavy duty truck instead a regular full truck. Although full trucks are growing every year so today’s full trucks have power and tow capacity of the heavy duty trucks produced few years ago. Anyway GMC Sierra can compete on both heavy duty and full truck markets and has a bright future ahead of it.

2015 GMC Sierra Diesel review

Same goes for Chevrolet Silverado, Sierra’s twin brother, but the biggest cat out there is still Ford’s F 150 which also plans some new upgrades and improvements if not the whole redesign of its current model, presented as the new Ford atlas Concept truck. So there is going to be some interesting truck race in years to come.

2015 GMC Sierra Diesel Release Date and Price

GMC Sierra Diesel 2015 release date of the new Sierra will be in the beginning of the 2015. Starting price will be around $32,000 with great set of additional options and a possibility to choose cab style combo, bed length, number of rear wheels etc.

Take a look at the new 2016 GMC Sierra Diesel.

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