2016 Dodge Ram Release Date and Price

Known for its remarkable performance and ample cargo capacity, Dodge Ram has succeeded in luring and winning more customers on its side. With a standing customer-base and excellent past performance, this midsize pickup continues to be a truck to reckon. Just like its competitors, the automaker is on plan to release a new model which will be branded as 2016 Dodge Ram. According to the scheduled plan, the 2016 Dodge Ram will be redesigned and outfitted with new features, structures and designs.


2016 Dodge Ram review

The automaker has done some considerable upgrades on the exterior starting from the weight to the appearance. The framework is designed with four well-trimmed openings that work as the doors as well as larger and improved trailer. The headlights have been fortified with stylish and chrome grille trims to enhance their illumination qualities. Taillights and fog lights have as well be enhanced for the benefit of ensuring better lighting.

Interior description

In capacity, the new truck will hold four passengers as well as a large luggage space. In the cabin, the truck will have a chrome trim, active and efficient entertainment and executive features additionally to premium and sturdy looks. Seats, both the rear and front will be flexible and comfortable featuring better leather materials and steel supports. Safety features like airbags, collision alert units and friction reduction units will also come with this car to ensure the safety of all riders. For easy-maneuvering qualities, the controls will be reinforced with automatic capabilities.

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Engine and Performance

The engine for 2016 Dodge Ram is not known up-to-date but as per some resourceful sources the pickup will be fitted with a 3.0 liter Ecoboost V6 engine which is likely to delivery 420 lb-ft torque and 240 hp. The power supply to the truck will be passed via an eight-speed automatic transmission which may change depending on the choice made by the automaker. The truck may as well use a 5.7 liter Hemi engine that would be coupled with front-wheel driver as well as rear-wheel drive system. However, the mentioned engines are just predictions and may change depending on what the automaker plans to choose.

2016 Dodge Ram

2016 Dodge Ram Release Date and Price

As for the 2016 Dodge Ram release date, much is not yet known to auto dealers and journalists. However, rumors say that the car will be available in the auto market in 2015 or even at the end of 2016. As for the price, much is also not into the news sources but people hope that it will start at a slightly higher price than the previous model. The price for this car is likely to start at $35,000 of which is not clear to most people.

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