2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat Price

The combination of elegance and power has given the birth of 2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat. This Jeep would have it all, from elegant and smooth exterior design and numerous modern technologies to a very powerful engine option.

2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat Exterior

2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat would have very smooth and aerodynamic lines and edges which would make it look very elegant and stylish.

2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat rear

The Jeep would have four doors and a door to the cargo area. The headlights and taillights would be futuristic, and they would use LED technology. The manufacturer would also provide dual exhaust pipes.

Jeep SRT Hellcat 2016 Interior

The manufacturer would make 2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat very comfortable. The Jeep would have the capacity for five passengers on two seat rows.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Boost Gauge screen

Furthermore, the manufacturer would use a lot of modern technologies. For example, there would be various ports for USB, Bluetooth and MP3. Finally, the Jeep would have an optional touchscreen.

Jeep SRT Hellcat Engine and Transmission

Jeep SRT Hellcat 2016 would not only be elegantly and powerfully looking Jeep, but the manufacturer would do all he can in order to create a very powerful and strong Jeep which would be able to surpass any road obstacle in terms of terrain and weather. Because of this reason, the manufacturer has chosen to use a 6.2 liter engine under the hood of this Jeep. This would also be a V8 engine which would have the potential of producing the astonishing 707 horsepower and using 650 lb-ft of torque.

2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat engine

The engine option would be combined with the automatic transmission, the TourqueFlite one, which would have eight speeds. Even though this is a Jeep, speed would also be a very important factor. The acceleration rate would be thus excellent and there are some estimates that the Jeep would be able to reach 60 mph in only four seconds. Furthermore, the maximum speed is expected to be great, i.e. it is expected to be about 186 mph. in order to make this Jeep even more powerful and adaptable for every terrain, the manufacturer would also include the four-wheel driving system.

2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat Release Date

We are still waiting for the official presentation of 2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat since this Jeep has not hit the showrooms yet.

2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat rear view

This is expected to happen during the first couple of months in 2016. Consequently, the manufacturer has not announced the specific date for the commencement of the sale of this Jeep, but the predictions are that the Jeep’s sales would begin during the middle of 2016.

Jeep SRT Hellcat 2016 Price

The price of 2016 Jeep SRT is not known since we do not have any information about this Jeep because it has not been presented yet and because the sales date is not close. However, there have been some speculations that the base price of this Jeep may go even up to $85 000.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

The manufacturer did all he could in order to create a very powerful Jeep, and Jeep SRT Hellcat 2016 is just that, the powerful combination of engine and equipment packages.

2016 Jeep SRT Hellcat


Year: 2016
Make: Jeep
Engine: V8 (Est.)
Horsepower @ RPM: 707 (Est.)
Torque @ RPM: 650 (Est.)
Displacement: 6.2 L (Est.)
0-60 time: 4 sec. (Est.)
Top Speed: 186 mph (Est.)

Price: $85000


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