Benefits of Car Parking Payment Systems

The numbers are big: global automotive sales reached 90millions in 2017, which means a 2.7% growth since 2016. The rising populations, the wider range of car options and the lower unemployment are some of the factors that explain the rise of the sale numbers.

Even if the increase is good for the automotive industry, it does create a major problem for the building developers. More cars on the road mean higher need to create more parking spaces on limited building footprints, especially in the big cities.

What are the parking solutions?

Simply creating more parking lots isn’t going to be enough. The need for better and easier to operate car parking system got even bigger in the last years. Not only that the people need more parking options, but they also need to do it faster and easier. Gone are the days when you had to had some change in your pocket for later in the day when you’d be paying your parking space.

The people are using more and more the credits cards for everything; everything gets digitized as we speak. Can you see where is this going? It was only a matter of time until new, more modern and less damaging for the environment car parking systems were developed.

Car parking payment systems- the new solution!

The car parking systems and payment solutions used to be skipped by the regular customer visiting a shopping center, but it counts so much for the parties involved in the building of office building, parking lots, retail complexes and so son.

There are plenty of choices available at the moment and if you’re a car park owner, you’re going to need to do due diligence and decide which one is the best for you.

Some professionals out there are going to take care of the installation and complete maintenance of the new car parking payment systems. They manage all the elements (entry stations, exit/payment stations, cashier terminals) but also the management and the communication systems.

What are the main elements of a car parking payment system? what kind of configuration should you use? Many of the systems out there are entirely modular concepts and they’re going to check most functional requirements, making it easier for the owner and the customers to use them.

No matter if you’re going to go with a system that gives the customers various information or go with a simpler one, selecting the right system is going to change your business for the good. You need to give a thought as the short-term and long-term objectives when making the final call. You know you chose right when you’re able to accomplish your objectives.

What are the benefits?

Assuming you chose the right system for your car park, here are some of the advantages you’re going to enjoy soon enough:

  • Ease of use

the right system is going to be easy to use not only by the customers, but also by your staff and you’re not going to have to spend many hours on training your staff.

A well-developed and organized car parking payment system is user-friendly on all levels. Last thing you want is to have to hire more people and explain them how the system has to work in order to be efficient. You don’t want to spend hours for explaining everyone how the system is working. Management, control and regulation should be taken under consideration when selecting the system.

  • Optimizing space

This is one of the most important benefits of using car park payments systems as it offers the ability to better use the space. Poor use of space is one cause for the parking problems out there. No one likes a driver that is entering a parking garage and has no idea whatsoever about where he/she can park. A good system is going to help the drivers where to park and for how long, helping everyone use the parking space the best way possible.

  • Scaling

A good system is going to allow changes on the go. if you’re planning to expand the car park, a good system is going allow you to do all the changes you need for expanding. An efficient system is easy to adjust to the car traffic at some point. As long as it’s a good one.

  • It improves the security

Car park payment systems help the drivers worry less about the theft when using parking spaces. A good parking management system is going to let the owner install several security methods. Typically, it’s not easy to entry a parking garage without a smart management system. any owner installing high protection standards is going to present lower liability risks later on.

  • Lower costs

When you’re installing the right car parking payment system, you’re going to save some money on the long run. Using a good and smart parking system, you may manage a lot easier several systems from different locations. You get a better idea on the incomes at the end of each day. The easier it is for the customer to pay (look into the current options), the more effective the system is going to be.

What are the car park systems possible configurations?

Here are some of the elements that may be included in a system as such:

  • Entry and exit barrier control
  • Manual pay station
  • Barcode/magnetic stripe technology
  • Automatic pay stations

What are the possible features on this sort of system?

The complexity of the system depends a lot on the investor’s needs, requirements, typical car flow and, last but not least, the budget.

Here are some of the features to add to this sort of systems:

  • Occupancy monitoring
  • Payment accounting
  • System diagnostics
  • Complete events database
  • Web monitoring software
  • Resident/discount parking
  • Color customization
  • Web monitoring software

The fair conclusion

If you’re a car park owner and are determined to take your business to the next level, take your time and look into the options you have for installing a car park payment system. Keep in mind that everyone nowadays is going digital and tries not to use cash anymore. On top of everything else, we’re all trying to save our planet so don’t forget to check the solar powered systems too.

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