6 Reasons To Avoid Cheap Car Detailing Services – 2024 Guide

Cleaning your car is a quick and simple matter, right? All you need is a water hose, some shampoo, and a little bit of free time to quickly give your car the spark it needs. But, if you want proper detailing, this is not the way to go. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people do not understand that properly cleaning and detailing the vehicle cannot be done with just water and some random shampoo. There is a lot more to it. If you care about your car, maybe you should find out more about this subject.

I am telling you this because there are a lot of cheap car detailing services out there that could actually damage her car instead of making it look and feel better. Yes, you read that right. By using the wrong chemicals, detergents, and shampoos, they could cause damage to the interior and the exterior. The paint outside can get damaged in the plastic or leather inside could also be ruined.

If you do not want this happening to you, I suggest that you read this article and find out about the reasons why you should always avoid cheap car detailing services.

They usually wash under direct sunlight

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One of the worst and most common mistakes I see regularly is the fact that a lot of these washing services tried to do the detailing write out in direct sunlight. This kind of habit may not do some direct damage to the leather or the exterior paint camera but it is definitely a bad habit.

If you leave out a vehicle in the sun, what happens? It gets hot quite quickly. In other words, all of the water and so could easily dry out, making it much more difficult to clean. This is probably why you see so many wiping swirls on the paint once you get it back from the carwash.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to keep the vehicle under shade were at least constantly spray it with cold water to ensure that the surface never gets hot.

If you ever take it to some cheap carwash, I suggest that you tell them this to make sure that they treat your vehicle as best as they can.

Using a regular dry towel

After washing your vehicle with all the required chemicals and soap, the employees of the carwash start to wipe it with a towel. They do this to ensure that the water does not dry on the paint. Because if it does, those water droplets will be very noticeable. It will seem like the vehicle has not been clean at all.

However, the problem with most of these companies is the fact that they use a regular dry towel simply because it is cheaper. The problem with a regular towel is the fact that it could scratch and damage the paint on the exterior. Yes, no matter how soft it is or if it is 100% made out of cotton, it could still scratch the paint.

This is why it is essential to always use a microfiber cloth to get rid of any extra water, dirt, or whatever it is.

They do not use wax

Do you ever see and wonder why a lot of all the cars in your city still looked brand-new? Even the models that are over 20 years old can sometimes look pristine. How they managed to do that? Well, the trick to achieve that is quite easy. By applying the proper amount and type of wax on the exterior, the paint will remain intact much longer. Think of the wax as a layer of protection against the sun, rain, snow, and other outdoor elements.

The wax also gives that reflective shine that you can find on every new car. So, if you want the paint of your vehicle to be kept shiny and protected, Ceramic Pro suggests that you look for higher quality detailing services.

Regular dish soap

You might not believe this, but a lot of carwash companies prefer to use dish soap or any other kind of cheap soap to save money.

Keep in mind, dish soap is quite effective and it will make your car look brand-new, but it also slightly damages the surface of the paint. By using that kind of dish soap, the protective layer of the paint is slowly removed.

I assume that you want the paint of your vehicle to last as long as possible in good shape. Well, if you want that, I suggest that you avoid going for cheap car detailing services.

The higher-end services always use the proper automotive wash chemicals and soaps.

They use regular glass cleaner

Whenever you wash your vehicle, it is probably very important for you to ensure that all of the windows do not have a single smudge on them. But, without the right tools and chemicals, it can be impossible to achieve that. In those moments, you probably think about using a regular ammonia-based glass cleaner. It is not exactly the worst solution, but there are a lot more professional and healthier alternatives out there.

Unfortunately, cheaper detailing services rely on ammonia-based glass cleaners which could cause some serious damage to the interior. It could be especially damaging to leather.

No special care for leather

One of the most difficult parts of the interior of a vehicle to maintain is the leather. That is why a lot of people avoid buying cars that are equipped with leather inside. It requires a lot of care and maintenance throughout the year. Otherwise, it will quickly start deteriorating which has a great impact on the vehicle’s value.

So, the next time you can take your vehicle to achieve detailing service, do not expect any kind of special care or maintenance for the leather. They will most probably just ignore it and avoid it.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why you should always avoid using cheap car detailing services.

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