How Snow Can Affect Your Van

When you’re approaching the snowy months of the year, there are a few approaches that you can take. There’s the “sit and hope” approach in which you wait through the winter and hope that everything turns out okay, “reactive” where you change what you do in response to your van’s condition, and “proactive” when you challenge your van’s issues before they take place. Learn more about how snow can affect your van and some steps you can take to overcome these problems before they arise.

How snow can affect your van


There are a few different ways that snow can affect your van. It is important that you try and protect your van from such winter weather conditions in order to maintain its value and aesthetics. Just some of these issues include:

Battery drain

One of the biggest issues drivers face in the winter is poor battery health. Thanks to the cold temperatures, the chemical processes within a battery slow down and become less efficient. Your battery can discharge fairly quickly, or even go completely flat.

Body damage

It seems light and fluffy, but snow is an incredibly heavy substance. Too much snow weighing down on your car can cause serious damage, whether through corroding the finish on the van or causing your vehicle to rust. This is an even bigger risk if you’re struggling with body damage already, as snow always finds crevices that it can fill up or melt into – these can cause serious issues over time.

Brake damage

The last thing you want in the colder months of the year is brake damage. Not only is it expensive to get them sorted once they are broken but also these will lead to the vehicle becoming unsafe to drive. Responsive brakes mean that you can slow down in time to respond to issues, especially when the surface of the road has a layer of black ice. Snow can damage your seals to cause fluid leaks and even rust the surface of your brakes.

How to combat the snow


There are a few steps you can take to fight back against the snow, including:

  • Cover your vehicle: Using van covers means that you remove the risks that physical contact with the snow can cause.
  • Complete a service: Get a van service before the winter kicks in to check that everything is working the way it should prior to the bad weather starting.
  • Stay vigilant: Take care when you’re out on the roads. Icy roads can risk causing even more damage to your van, and by being as careful as possible you significantly reduce the risk of hurting yourself and any drivers around you.
  • Store your vehicle in a dry and warm place at night so that it is not exposed to the elements and is completely removed from the risk.

We really hope this article was of some use to you and helps maintain the quality and road worthiness of your vehicle. For more information please continue to read more of the articles on our blog.

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