Pros & Cons of Renting a Car at Memphis Airport

Modern people cannot live without travel. After each trip, they feel full of energy and have great memories. Most travelers like active recreation. Therefore, most of all, they will choose an independently planned route better to explore the country and all its existing corners.

Planning an active holiday includes booking a hotel, a planned route, and means of transportation. The best and most profitable option for transportation in the USA is to rent a car at the airport. But renting a car, like any other service, has pros and cons.

Advantages of renting a car


Simple procedure

Car rental is a very popular service all over the world. Nowadays many different car rental companies are everywhere. The registration procedure for car rental in Memphis is quite fast and incredibly simple. For this, you only need to have your international driver’s license, voucher, and ID with you.

It is also worth remembering that you must be 21 years old to rent a car, and your driving experience must be 1-2 years.


Each car rental company has many different cars for you to choose from. For a great vacation, use MEM airport car rental.

On the website, you can view free cars offered by the company for the duration of your trip, and choose the car brand, class, and model. In addition, you will be able to find a lot of useful information about each car class and choose the most comfortable one for you.

Use the app for an even more convenient calculation and selection of a car for rent. The mobile application is not only profitable to book a car, but also very easy to use.


Additional Services

Car rental companies can offer you more services. If you are traveling with children, rent an extra child seat. This is not only safe for your little one, but it will also save you from a fine.

You can also get additional devices if it is included in the services of the tenant’s company. It can be a GPS navigator or even a Wi-Fi router.

Saving money

A rented car is an incredibly convenient and cheap service. This service is beneficial on vacation. After all, you can rent a car for a short period, which will significantly save you money.

Renting a car in most cases can save money on housing and food. You can rent a budget hotel outside the city, or, as a last resort, spend the night in a car. It’s the same with food because supermarkets on the outskirts of the city have much lower prices than in the center.

Car rental prices

In Memphis car rental prices are average. You can find a budget car, with the usual conditions, but very comfortable. The rental price usually depends on the car brand, it is filling, the term of use, and the demand for the selected car.

Many companies offer discounts on car rentals and have many different cheap rates. So you can find a car that will be in your pocket.


Public transport is very tiring for travelers. Think about how much time you spend waiting for a tram, bus, or train. Unlike cars, public transport takes a lot of nerves and free time.

A car is a very convenient and comfortable means of transport on vacation. You can choose your route, stop at various interesting places and not depend on the schedule.

By renting a car, you can avoid overpaying for excursions and get to all the tourist spots on your own.

Advantages of renting a car


Like any other service, car rental has its downsides. There are far fewer of them than pros, and if you are a careful driver, some can be avoided.


The biggest downside that can happen is fines. It is worth reviewing the traffic rules in the USA to avoid violations and protect your car. If you return the rented car damaged, you will be obliged to pay a fine. So read the terms of the contract, which specify all the sanctions.


Parking is charged in Memphis, as in most cities, especially in tourist areas. You can get a fine for parking in an unauthorized place. So if you are going to book some apartments or rent a hotel room, find out if there is a free parking space. Remember: to prevent theft, never leave things in the car.

Toll roads

Toll roads are nothing new in the United States. Some tunnels, highways, and bridges may incur tolls. The cost of such travel depends on your location, vehicle, and pass. You can use the free trails, but the road there is in not very good condition.

If you plan to travel only in the state of Tennessee, you can don’t worry, there are no toll roads there.

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