How to Pay Missed Toll in Florida

As people are using the major roads and highways, they need to also pay the tolls, either by cash, tag, or monthly payments depending on how many times it was used. Every country in the world has different regulations on how to charge for using highways and main roads, and in general, the money goes for the funds used to renew the roads and improve their overall condition.

If you check, you will see how these things work in some parts of the USA. Also, in a case of missed toll in Florida, or any other place, the authorities are allowed to demand money, by sending a paycheck to the person who missed the toll (on purpose or without any intentions to do that). Also, sometimes the person may not have enough money at the moment, so they can choose to pay for it later, as the laws require. The person who missed it will receive the invoice with instructions on how to proceed with the payment.

After that, they are able to pay that expense:

1. Online, through the official website of the institution, or service, who takes care of it.
2. By mail, with proof that the payment is done. In some cases, you can send cash in the envelope, but that’s not recommended.
3. You can visit the office, and pay the invoice directly there.
4. By phone, calling the right phone and telling the operator all the needed details, so they can proceed with the payment.

The people in Florida are obligated to pay the tolls, no matter what type of vehicle they drive at the particular moment. If you use a rental car, they will anyway receive the invoice, but the service can easily find you, according to their records of rental, and charge you a higher price – but trust us, it’s not worth it, and we highly suggest to pay these expenses on time.

When it comes to rental vehicles, the company may provide you additional options on how to pay the tolls. They may let you miss it, but include it in the price after you bring the car back. Also, the Pay-by-Plate system works nicely, which means the price is included in the rental agreement.

Plenty of options


Florida offers plenty of options for the users to pay this money obligation. Also, the road list and pay tolls are available online, so everyone who travels can plan the trip and the money. Their official pass is SunPass, but there are other compatible passes.

Many drivers prefer paying with cash during the trip, which is the most transparent way, without any additional headaches for you, or anyone else. Also, they can take a photo or video of your vehicle passing through the billing place, and then mail the invoice to you. They can do that if you missed it on purpose, or if you agree to pay afterward (in case you don’t have a pass or money at the moment).

Is it better to use cash, a card, or an app?


It all depends on your personal preferences. Paying cash means you give the operator money, or you put them in the automated machine, and they print out proof you completed the payment, which you keep with yourself until the end of that particular trip. In some countries, there are still people who work at the pay toll locations, but the modern development cut that staff, and let the people simply put the money in the machine.

Our suggestion at this point is, when you travel, to always have exact amounts of money, because at the unstaffed toll booth, issuing change is not available, since these machines aren’t that smart to do that, and it can easily come to overpayment (which is not always worth the money).

That’s why some of the pay tolls let the users use their PayPass credit or debit cards, so they can simply pay the exact amount of money, as required. Some road state companies may issue a special card you can put credit on them, use it, and after the money is spent, simply “refill” it using a proper mobile app, or going to the responsible offices for that.

Mobile apps are the latest thing from the technology. You can download it as a part of your road assistance company’s membership, and use it to register your trips, and pay the tolls while you travel, or even later after the trip is over. Keep in mind that not all the apps work with the roadway agencies, and you may have to combine all the mentioned methods, so you can fulfill all your obligations.

For what are toll money used?


Many people question the purpose of their money, especially when the conditions on the road aren’t that good as they seem. But, some part of the money goes for the staff’s salaries, and other parts are dedicated to regular road maintenance. And it’s not just the surface you are using all the time – toll money is used for tunnels, bridges, road signs, and so on.
Even though many people feel like they just pull money out of their pocket, in most cases, it’s on purpose, so we can have the best conditions on the road.

The roads are built with national money raised from taxes, but they are dedicated to the people who live there, and the regular maintenance is pretty costly. That’s why, at some point, the states and governments decided that the best option is to charge some fees to the citizens who use the roads every day, so we can all take a part in keeping them healthy, clean, and always well-maintained.


The missed toll is nothing you can get away with it in Florida. They will anyway find the owner of the vehicle and charge the money at some point, and additional fees may be charged too. That’s why you need to be a responsible driver. Pay the tolls, so we can all have good roads to drive.

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