Should you buy used car parts?

Sometimes a used part can be as good as a new one, but often new car parts are just too expensive. Probably you have at least once in your life considered buying a used one, especially if you are in urgent need of a certain part and you cannot find a new one. Keep reading this text to learn about all the pros and cons of purchasing used auto parts.

Obviously, the biggest advantage is the cost. Used car parts are almost always significantly cheaper than the new ones, so you will be saving a certain amount of money. There is no point in buying a new part for a car that is 10 or 15 years old, plus you are only paying more because of the fact that it has never been used before. Also, if you are restoring a classic car, often those parts are no longer manufactured, so you would have to purchase used ones.


Furthermore, used auto parts are more available to you then the new ones. You can get them in a number of places such as junkyards, auto auctions, auto parts store, used parts dealers, online sellers and so on. As you can see, purchasing used parts is just convenient since you can even find and order them online on numerous websites.

However, you have to be careful where you buy them. There are certain things you should do before making a purchase. First of all, you should ask the dealer a number of questions. Make sure to verify the history of a certain part. It may seem perfect, but there may be something wrong with it such as a crack or any other defect. Also, ask the vendor how old it is, has it ever been repaired or modified in any way. It is important to ask these questions to ensure that you are not throwing your money down the drain.


Also, it is important to inquire whether or not there are any warranties. You should never purchase anything if there is no return policy regardless of the amount of money you are saving. If the dealer cannot guarantee the quality of a certain part, then the chances are something is already wrong with it, and it probably won’t be long before it breaks, and you will be back where you started minus the money you have already spent.

Moreover, inspect the part before putting down the money. Unfortunately, there are many parts that are duplicates of the original ones, and you have to make sure you don’t get tricked into buying them. Besides checking the VIN or chassis number, you should also examine logo and printed words to be certain that you don’t have a fake part in your hands.


The last advantage of purchasing used auto parts is that it is good for the environment. Obviously, by buying old parts, you are removing them from landfills and also lower the need for materials that are required for manufacturing new ones. Also, a lot of vendors encourage the preservation of eco-systems by offering discounts on the parts if you give them the old one.

To conclude, as you can see there are many pros of buying a used auto part. You just have to double check everything before making the purchase to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

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