The 5 Craziest Road-Legal Cars

It is very difficult to get excited about an activity that you do every day like driving. You might get excited about a new car or driving in a new, unfamiliar road, but it is pretty difficult to get excited about the actual task of driving every day. Long, tedious daily commutes can make it hard to actually get excited about the actual aspect of driving.

But there are some road legal vehicles can make even the most loathsome of daily commutes, just a little bit exciting – here they are in an article from The Plate Man – Leader in Personalised Number Plates

  1. The Ariel Nomad 

    This latest development from the geniuses at Ariel is actually a little bit scarier than the Atom. It has a Honda 4 cylinder 2.4 liter iVTEC engine, pumping out 235 BHP at 7200rpm and 300 Nm of torque at 4300rpm. Weighing about 670 kilos this car is meant to move and it does. The fact that it looks like something out of a Mad Max movie is also part of its appeal. You can get your hands on one at just over £30,000 and it is very customizable which means you can add your own spin to it.

  2. The MX5 Exocet Miata 

    When Mazda released the MX5 in the 1900s, the car changed a market at a time when fuel economy regulations were destroying the industry. This model had impressive acceleration and sustained torque through rpms. It would forever become a modern-day classic until that is the Exocet came out. The Exocet is about 50-70% lighter than the MX5, thereby increasing the power to weight ratio although you may have to deal with the lack of a boot or body panels.

  3. The Ultima Evolution Coupe 

    The Ultima claims the title for the quickest supercar in history, with a very impressive 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 273mph. Although there are other supercars that are just a little bit faster than the Ultima, like the Agera R, the Ultima is still rather impressive. And, you can get your hands on one at £65,995.

  4. Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle 

    If you have ever dreamt of traveling in outer space, you would enjoy the Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle (ETV). It looks like something out of this world and performs exactly like one. The team can transform any standard car into the ETV. They encourage car owners to place to place requests to see whether they can transform their cars to the ETV.

  5. The Lister Bell STR (Lancia Stratos) 

    This particular car was a darling of the rally era and one of the best racing cars of the 70s. Part of its appeal is the fact that it was framed with bold designs coupled with Italian speed and power to make it a great showcase vehicle that was also capable of the kind of speeds rally drivers need to win. Now, you can have Lister Bell make you a replica of this world-famous rally car. But unlike the 70s model, this new one will come with a fully functional air conditioning unit, your own custom engine specifications, custom accessories including a one-of-a-kind light pod on the roof and more.

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