Tools That Every Car Enthusiast Needs To Have

The most frustrating thing is when something happens to your car and you have no idea what it is. On the other hand, the most satisfying thing about being a car enthusiast is that you know the ins and outs of car maintenance. 

There is nothing quite like hitting the road and knowing how to get dirty with your car. But every car enthusiast should have the tools that will allow him freedom on the road, and repairs if something happens.

So, without further ado, here are the tools that every car lover needs to own.

1. Universal Socket Set

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Knowing how to tighten or loosen certain parts under the hood is incredibly useful when working or maintaining your vehicle. But the tricky part is that no one can anticipate when tightening or loosening is needed. So that’s why every car enthusiast should own a universal socket set. Not only does it come handy when you need it, but you can tighten or loosen every component under the hood. A universal socket set allows you to adjust to any size of screw, nut, or bolt, making your job easier. A general rule for buying a universal socket set is to get a set with up to 16 or more pieces, according to

2. Vise Grips

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Vise grips are handy tools that allow you to change older parts from your car. Vise grips are especially handy when dealing with older car models, as rusty screws can oftentimes be tricky to remove. Vise grips can often be referred to as locking pliers, and they do a damn good job in removing screws.

3. Torque Wrench

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A torque wrench is equally important as a universal socket set and vise grips and should be the first thing a car enthusiast buys. A torque wrench allows you to set nuts based on manufacturer’s specifications, but be careful as over-torquing can damage the nut. This can be a problem as it would then be difficult to remove the nut, so that’s why we suggest you get a clicker-type torque wrench that will allow you accuracy while torquing.

4. Dead Blow Mallet

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Dead blow mallets are excellent for removing and loosening anything that’s stuck. A few whacks with the mallet and every component, part, screw, bolt, nut, are good to go. While it doesn’t sound like something a car enthusiast should own, it certainly lives up to the task. And the best thing about it? Whacking doesn’t damage or scratch the surface of your car since the mallet itself is covered in molded poly which prevents metal surfaces from becoming marred. 

5. Remote Car Starter

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A great thing about this one is the effectiveness of use. When you have your hands full, especially if you are going grocery shopping, having a remote car starter allows you to start your vehicle to warm up when you are packing your groceries. For further information about this cool device visit 

6. Acetylene Torch

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This tool does the job that other tools fail to perform. An Acetylene torch works best when certain bolts or parts are completely frozen. This is a very powerful tool that can also cut steel, so it can be used for parts that need to be shaved down. An acetylene torch is an indispensable tool in a car enthusiast’s set. 


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