5 Things To Add To Your Trucks’ Dashboard

The U.S. roads are filled with trucks that desperately try to make their daily runs. But the life of a truck driver isn’t easy at all and is oftentimes much harder. With the constant looming pressure of having to make their runs on time, truck drivers could get all the help they can when on the road.

It is specifically because of those reasons that we’ve decided to write this article and showcase to you the top 5 things that every truck should have on its dashboard area.

1. A Heads Up Display 

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Heads up displays (HUDs) are becoming more popular with drivers, regardless of the type of vehicle. These simple gadgets are installed on your smartphone and act as a heads up display for the duration of your route. Equipped with the latest technologies, HUDs are more than capable of displaying multiple parameters that ensure safety while on the road. Some of these are your current speed, a GPS navigation system, a road map, and many more. HUDs are very convenient devices that don’t take any space on your dashboard and promote safety whilst driving.

2. An Android Head Unit

One way to combine all of your road needs into a single package is by using an Android head unit. These gadgets are simply modified tablets that have all the necessary features installed to enhance your trucking experience. They can be installed in the place where your radio is located, and completely overtake it in terms of features and functionality. Android head units are equipped with features such as a GPS navigational system, road maps, radio, FM, a built-in microphone, USB drive capabilities, and many more. If you’re looking for reviews on the best Android head units, then make sure to read this awesome article on the Autonerds website.

3. A Tire Monitor

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Tires are what make it possible for a driver to reach its destination. If tires were in the shape of cubes, we would have never invested vehicles. However, a truck driver should pay even more attention to the state of his tires than the average driver. One way for truckers to keep an eye on their tires is through a monitoring app that can be accessed directly from your smartphone. Some apps are so powerful that can monitor your tires against theft and are even equipped with a locking system that prevents them from being stolen.

4. Mirror Dash Camera

Trucks make up a large percentage of the participants in accidents on U.S. roads. So one way to make sure you’re not at fault is to install a dashcam on your rear-facing mirror located above your dashboard. Dashcams definitely promote safety, and all you have to do is simply turn the camera on to record everything happening while you’re making your delivery.

5. Dash & Windshield Mount

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We’ve talked about cool gadgets that enhance your trucking experience, but have you asked yourself where will these gadgets stand? Introducing dash & windshield mounts that every trucker and vehicle driver should own. These mounts, judging by the name, can be mounted on eighter the dashboard or on your windshield. They are designed to support any smartphone size and some can even hold entire tablets. What better way to keep your eyes on the road, than with a mount that stands right in front of you. 

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