Truck-Mounted Vs Self-Propelled Access Platforms – 2020 Guide

Whatever the job on the high altitude you need to do with the assistance of an access platform, there are several aspects you need to consider before deciding on a type that will suit you and your needs in the best way. Naturally, safety is the number one priority you should worry about, therefore, after you secure this segment, you may proceed to the following. Namely, the choice you will have to make is whether to choose a truck-mounted or to opt for a self-propelled access platform.

Both of the platforms have their positive and negative sides, but when all things are taken into account, they deliver even more of what is expected from them and serve their purpose, or, to be more precise, purposes, since the field of action where these two might be utilized is impressively wide.

In order to present the pros and cons of the truck-mounted and self-propelled access platforms, we have crafted the following text for you to take into consideration. Although access to various otherwise inaccessible areas is what they deliver, there are also other standards access platforms should maintain in order to be considered worthy of the money you think about investing. Therefore, read carefully through the following lines so you could gather the data necessary for you to make the right choice.

Truck Mounted Access Platforms

Working at heights is only dangerous if you do not pay attention to the given working conditions and fail to organize the working site. Whether you intend on working on repairs or cleaning, or even if you are building structures with the assistance of truck mounted access platforms, you should keep in mind that safety is your first concern! Apart from the platform itself, the condition of the vehicle you use as a foundation is also important, so keep that in mind before making any premature moves. Therefore, if you opt for a truck-mounted variant, you will be able to enjoy the features that follow.

The Persistence


Stability is what is important when you find yourself high in the air, and that is exactly what this type of access platforms will give you. You will have no trouble with wobbling as you would have with ladders or ropes that are often used for performing high-altitude works. Moreover, the feeling of security will enable you to do more and reach further, whatever you intend on doing. The thing is that you will have to move the whole vehicle when the need for changing position comes.

Work Freely

When both of your feet are on the ground, you can freely use your hands. Depending on the size of the platform, a worker is allowed to move safely within the reach of a secured area, which gives an impression of standing on firm ground. This particular feature is important because the areas can prove to be inaccessible to other means of elevation, so the comfort it provides is hardly comparable to the alternative uplifting tools.

The Size


Although there are different sizes of truck mounted access platforms, they still need to be put away once the work is finished, especially if you want to use your vehicle for a purpose other than reaching positions at height. Although this is a small issue, especially when you consider the immense range of features this platform provides you with, it is still an important thing to mention that could make you outweigh in a certain direction and help you make up your mind when it comes to selecting the ideal platform for your needs.

The Price

Since it represents an addition to your ride, the mounted access platform costs less than its self-propelled counterpart. This does not mean that it provides fewer possibilities but implies that it cannot be used on its own, therefore, it is proportionally less expensive.

The best possible solution for you might be to check the websites that offer both truck-mounted and self-propelled access platforms, such as, where you can also find additional equipment for height works, automated machines, and even smart robots that enable you to deal with everyday obligations more proficiently.

Self-Propelled Access Platforms

This particular access platforms are actually a vehicle equipped with a lift as a part of its structure. Not only are they smaller in size than their counterparts, but they are operating vehicles with a foldable built-in mechanism. See what makes the self-propelled platform a good choice for your business.

The Mobility


You are capable of reaching more in less time. Namely, since they are small and easy to navigate, they cover more working surface than their competition. Not only do they reach more, but they can also get where a truck probably would not dream about attempting. So, they are an ideal solution for closed halls and gymnasiums and other areas where reaching certain areas proves to be challenging.

The Spaciness

Apart from they are mobile, they are designed in a way that they support working with multiple workers at the same time, as well as handling their tools used on height missions. The secret is in the design of this type of platform. Namely, the scissor lift mechanism is able to reach similar or higher altitudes, depending on the model, as truck-mounted platforms, while they occupy far less space due to the assembly method. On the other hand, what you see is what you get, since you will not be able to use the platform for projects other than height-related tasks.

The Range


With this platform, you will easily be able to work on several building sites in a short period. This is particularly important if you work on connected halls or even on neighboring construction sites. This saves both money and time since one team operating a self-propelled access platform can cover more duties over a certain time than the truck-mounted unit is capable of achieving.

Hopefully, the aforementioned data about self-propelled and truck-mounted access platforms will prove you with the information you need to realize what is the right tool for your cause. Both variants can cover a range of different activities, so knowing the field of potential application is what should give you the correct answer to your wanderings and appoint you to the platform that will be worthy of both your time and your money.

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