Why The 2019 Audi Q5 Is The Best Compact Luxury Suv

Well, Audi has never been one to disappoint. The 2019 Audi Q5 is in a luxury class of its own. It’s sleek design, unmatched luxury interior, sporty performance, and semi-affordable price tag, the Audi Q5 is easily one of top mid-sized luxury SUV’s on the market today. So let’s take a moment and break this vehicle down so that you know what you’re getting when you drop 50k on this bad boy! We visited the European Import specialist Arrowhead Imports to get a first-hand look at the Audi Q5, and here is what we have to say about it.

Despite the intense competition that was brought to the automotive market in 2019, Audio retained it’s crown for the second year in a row as they were awarded the 2019 Compact Luxury SUV Best Buy Award from Kelley Blue Book. This sporty summertime luxury ride is perfect for a road trip with the family while school is out. Roomy enough to pack the clan in for a day trip or an out of state adventure, and just enough cargo space to pack some bags for the road.

This 2019 model is one sexy beast, with the interior being just as luxurious as the exterior, Audio has set standards and continued to push boundaries with the Q5. The shoulder line of this SUV runs eloquently across the exterior while the interior is equipped with all the luxury features you would expect from Audi, it’s also packed full of features you may have never seen coming. If you have previously owned an Audi, then you may have expectations beyond what I had, but as an Audi-newbie that got to test drive this for the first time, I was truly amazed!

The Interior of The 2019 Audi Q5

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Sitting behind the wheel of the Q5 is like sitting behind the wheel of a futuristic video game. If you drive a normal car, then you are custom to the standard dashboard features that come with those vehicles. The Q5 is something special, it sucks you in and submerges you into a zone as if you were playing some VR driving game at the arcade. The dashboard is a computer screen that functions like a mobile device, voice navigation, Google earth display, Audi Connect Services, and a vast array of other customizable parameters to meet the needs of any driver on the road. Those concerned about their passengers need not worry, there is plenty of space in the back seat of this luxury SUV. The rear row folds down to create enough cargo space for loading up to camp or managing the kid’s sports team, this mid-sized SUV is a perfect fit for the mid-sized family.

The Exterior of The 2019 Audi Q5

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Exteriors have never looked so good! The grille on the Q5 is unrivaled in its class, it’s sleek, and curvaceous, making the front end of the vehicle round well into the shoulder line where it eventually meets the tailgate for an impressive well rounded rear package. This is clearly a combination of sophistication, sports utility, and necessity. Multiple variations of the Q5 exist including a blacked-out version called the Black Optic that sits on a sick set of black rims, titanium black exterior, window, and mirror trim, roof rails, and some sweet custom 20-inch blacked out Audi wheels to top this package off and have you riding in style!

Concluding Thoughts On The Audi Q5

In conclusion, I would like to note that this vehicle was one of the smoothest riding mid-sized SUVs on the market. The interior is a flawless design that truly represents luxury, comfort, and accessibility. There is nothing missing from the user dashboard, navigation, or dashboard controls. The shifting handle sits in your hand comfortably, while the steering wheel has user controls available within arms reach. The driver and front-seat passenger sit like kings and queens in this luxury vehicle, while rear-seated passengers ride along like they’re being chauffeured in a limousine. The cargo space is big enough to haul luggage, groceries, and family pets. This is a great cross-country vehicle if traveling is your thing, roomy enough to sit comfortably for hours, dependable enough to drive around the world and back. If you have any hesitations about dropping 50k on this 2019 Audi Q5, you need to get to your local Audi dealership and test drive this amazing piece of machinery.

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