2014 Ford F-150 Tonka Review and Price

The 2014 Ford F-150 Tonka is the primary aluminum-bodied pickup vehicle of Ford. It is currently being displayed at the Chicago Automobile Show. The new Tonka F-150 is an authoritatively-approved teamwork between Ford and Elkhart.


2014 Ford F-150 Tonka review

Elkhart is the Indiana-based truck shop that transports the new iconic F-150 Tonka to life in an immense way. The Tonka vehicle has, in fact, being a sandbox clip for more than 65 years and nowadays, you can drive your own new Ford F-150 Tonka. The new sandbox is just produced, which is the slogan for this toy aspiration come true, a restricted edition, Ford F150 prepared by Tuscany in Elkhart.

2014 Ford F-150 Tonka Exterior

The manufacturer had elevated the physical body to six inches that allow them to offer it a hostile of roadway position. This additionally allows us to put larger tires and tires on it, and then, they put step bars and cladding, which makes the vehicle appear a bit wider. The wide fender flares of the new 2014 Ford F-150 Tonka make it a much more hostile position as well. They modify the front grill in the front, change the hood, and they put a taller hood on it. It features chubby novel bumpers a redesigned tailgate as well. They are all stamped with the Tonka emblem; stainless steel base steel inserts on the grille openings;

2014 Ford F-150 Tonka Interior

2014 Ford F-150 Tonka interior

Though there is not many significant changes in the interior of the new F-150 Tonka, there are a bit changes as well. Some minor changes include a novel back double exhaust, a Tonneau coat and a rugged bed. Custom-prepared head rests, flooring carpets and Tonka emblems comprise a bit additional style to the interior of the vehicle.

2014 Ford F-150 Tonka Engine

2014 Ford F-150 Tonka engine

There are no engine revisions and the new F-150 Tonka, driving force is necessary. The new vehicle is equipped with an 8-valve 5.0-liter engine that offers a maximum power to the vehicle. Derived from an F-150 Lariat motorized by an 8-valve, 5.0-liter engine, it gets automatic upgrades that comprise 20-inch alloy wheels, a six-inch Pro-Comp lift kit and a silent quality exhaust system. That is all well and good, but this new model is all about the fashion, and it has a plethora of that.


From the reliable sources of Ford, it is learnt that the new 2014 Ford F-150 Tonka will be available for sale during the last week of December 2014. It will be available with suggested market price of $50,000 and after that the vehicle with the Tonka treatment it will retail between $60,000 to $70,000.

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