2015 Isuzu D-MAX Price Review Specs

If you are in search of a rough, tough and durable yet comfortable and good-looking vehicle, you are definitely in the right place, because the new 2015 Isuzu D-MAX has all of that, plus much much more. Isuzu is a Japanese manufacturer of commercial vehicles, with its headquarters based in Tokyo. In the past few years, Isuzu has worked along with General Motors and released a shared pickup platform, so the new Isuzu D-Max shares platform with Chevrolet Colorado. Isuzu had managed to retain its position on the US market after the withdrawal due to the economic crisis in 2008, through cooperation with General Motors, and succeeded to return to its previous position.

2015 Isuzu D-MAX Interior

Interior is made to be practical without those big fancy multifunction screen as usually seen in other cars these days. Designers obviously wanted to make it different than other new pickups, to make it stand out in the crowd. Materials used for the interior are of a great quality, as expected from a Japanese manufacturer. The thing that is so different from the other cars in the same category is its simplistic dashboard, as well as not so eye-catching seats, with overwhelming black hue in the entire cabin. On the other hand, the seats are very comfortable and the cabin is very spacious, so it can satisfy everyone’s needs.

2015 Isuzu D-MAX interior

When we talk about problems with the D-MAX, we could also mention that taller people could have a problem on the longer distances because the cabin is, unfortunately, too low. But besides that, it can easily accommodate five passengers, just watch your knees and head for the bumps if you are taller than the average person.

Isuzu D-MAX 2015 Exterior

But enough with the cons, let’s bring on all of the pros. The new 2015 Isuzu D-MAX is larger, more modern and more robust and aggressive. New wider and bigger wheel arches, as well as the larger grille, are responsible for the new look. The vehicle has the excellent drag coefficient of only 0.47 which is very good for this type of car.

2015 Isuzu D-MAX rear view

New Isuzu D-MAX shares its platform with Chevrolet Colorado but you can obviously tell the difference between them because of the more angular front fascia, different headlights and more conventional look to the grille area.

2015 Isuzu D-MAX Engines

The best new thing in 2015 Isuzu D-MAX pickup is powerful and low-consumption diesel bi-turbo engine of 2.5-liters delivers 122KW at a maximum of 3600 rpm with huge torque of 400Nm at as low as 1400 rpm. It is achieved using two turbochargers. This engine configuration should have good fuel economy by default.

2015 Isuzu D-MAX back view

Torque – rpm curve is almost flat so driving this vehicle is easy in all circumstances beside present problems with the too low powered steering mechanism. There is only one gearbox option which is a 5-gear automatic transmission that is well paired with the engine.

Isuzu D-MAX Price and Release Date

The new 2015 Isuzu D-MAX has already hit the market with the base price around $30,000. It is sold in different markets by a different name, so, if you look for it in Australia you will find it as RG Holden Colorado, in Europe is sold as the Isuzu Rodeo, and in Africa as Isuzu KB. You can call it whatever you like, one fact is for sure, you will recognize quality when you see it.


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2015 Isuzu D-MAX


If you are looking for a sturdy, capable yet comfortable vehicle, look no more because you will find all of that in this new Isuzu D-Max for a decent price and efficient fuel economy. The exterior and interior are of very good quality as expected from a Japanese automaker, so you can be sure to drive long distances without fatigue.

Price: $30,000


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