2015 Dodge Rampage Concept Price

The new Dodge Concept is unveiled, it is called 2015 Dodge Rampage Concept! Here are price, release date, specs, performance and pictures of the new Dodge!

Bold, effective and supremely functional, the new 2015 Dodge Rampage concept motor vehicle is a fresh look at the amount of households in fact use the prominent pickup.

“It’s the vehicle for the non-traditional purchaser,” said Scott Krugger, principal exterior developer. “This is a truck for the person which wishes the functional elements of a vehicle yet doesn’t desire a conventional automobile. The Rampage has the capacity of a pickup without sacrificing occupant area.”.

2015 Dodge Rampage Concept

Incorporating the width of a Dodge Ram with the total size of a Dodge Dakota, the Rampage features a host of people and cargo-carrying technologies made possible by a combo of unitized physical body building, front-wheel drive, and distinct independent back wheel suspension. And just like any kind of Dodge concept, the look is striking.

2015 Dodge Rampage Concept Engine

In order to obtain their twin goals of a family-size guest cabin and exceptional pick-up energy, the developers dramatically reconfigured the proportions of the truck. The largest part of the Rampage is dedicated to the large guest cabin, adhered to by the five-foot payload box, and last, the engine area (which still accommodates a 5.7-liter MDS HEMI ® under the shortened hood). To visually strengthen the fact that the majority of the motor vehicle is committed to guests and item, a slim appliqué of cleaned light weight aluminum runs along the cowl, up and over the roofing system rails and around the top of the freight box, a sparkling silver ribbon that contrasts greatly with the Liquid Carbon exterior.

Up front, the 2015 Dodge Rampage concept exhibits a fresh interpretation of the Dodge vehicle style design– a new look for a new vehicle. The trademark Dodge six-sided crossbar grille is set flush within a curving airplane that encompasses rectangular wraparound headlamps. Featuring LED illumination, all exterior lights depend on light-piping and both clear and frosted acrylic to attain a cleaner appearance.

2015 Dodge Rampage Concept review

The body side of Dodge Rampage 2015 concept is dominated by “double-muscle” flared fenders with the best part of the body focused over the 22-inch brushed light weight aluminum tires. The framed doors include a continual fore-aft glass airplane while the reverse-angle “column” on the back door and distinct triangular glass offer a sporty coupe-like profile.

2015 Dodge Rampage Concept Interior

To draw attention to the generous resident room, a U-shaped chamfered element runs over the sill and takes a trip up the physical body along the leading and trailing sides of the door collections. Accented with cleaned aluminum, this information is subtly repeated on the exterior door deals with.

Accessibility to the interior is exceptional. When either door is opened, the sill pivots to subject a convenient step help. While the front door is hinged conventionally, the back door slides open to reveal a creative and supremely functional interior, entry to which is enhanced by the lack of the customary B-pillar.

2015 Dodge Rampage Concept side

“The interior of the 2015 Dodge Rampage is durable, functional and effective,” stated Irina Zavatski, primary interior designer. “Everything is there for a reason.”.

Structural elements are subjected. The contoured facility pile, for instance, “floats” over the surface area of the control panel. Composed of satin silver finished “framing,” the center pile can be pulled rearward and turned towards either driver or guest to access the navigation, HVAC and enjoyment functions. The free-standing instrument collection has a comparable appearance and steps with the adjustable steering column while the steering wheel spokes balance with both collection and center pile.

Overhead a “ladder-type” front-to-rear console with storage space and entertainment systems includes unique state of mind lighting along its advantages. Flanking the console are fore-aft “skylights,” making welcoming daylight to back seat travelers in addition to those up front.

“The seats is created to be sports, comfy, yet sturdy,” mentioned Chris Welch, designer of the seats, which are contoured around specially-fabricated folding framework finished in satin silver. To assist in ingress/egress to the back area, milled silver deals with are incorporated into the outboard parties of the front seat backs. The dark charcoal seats of 2015 Dodge Rampage concept are cut in a smooth polyurethane-coated product and a three-dimensional open structure “spacer knit” material which is also used as a non-glare covering on the control panel. Contrasting red-orange textile on the seat inserts echoes comparable accents on the control panel, steering tire and door armrests.

With all seats in use, the 2015 Dodge Rampage concept has the ability to bring five passengers, however that’s merely the beginning of its functionality. The right front seat and the 60/40 back seats can be folded into the flooring, marking the first use of Dodge’s prominent and innovative Sto-N-Go â�¢ Seating and Storage Unit in a pickup and the first Sto-N-Go front passenger seat ever before.

The storing procedure is assisted in by headrests that turn down into the seat backs, an option that also enables taller-than-normal seat backs for greater support. To boost the readily available interior quantity with seats went down into the flooring, the armrests on the front and rear guest doors additionally fold out of the way, optimizing the log cabin’s cargo-carrying ability. Similar to all Sto-N-Go seating, with the seats upright, the bins beneath become handy storage areas for varied things.

Given that the interior of 2015 Dodge Rampage concept is designed to fit both individuals and item, a sturdy marine-type rubberized product is made use of for the log cabin flooring.

Behind the back seats the backlite retracts into a midgate which in turn folds down into the forward part of the payload bed. With the both midgate and one or more of the passenger seats in a stored position, lengthier things can be carried without having to decrease the tailgate.

After the midgate, the five-foot box offers numerous utility options, including retractable item linkeds and built-in developments arranged to protect 2’x4′ boards. The three-position tailgate can be deployed upright, folded up down 98 levels, or went down additionally to an angle of 117 levels. In this position a stored-in-the-tailgate slide-out ramp can be extended to the ground to allow easy packing of rolled freight like motocross bikes, ATVs, and so on

And the unanticipated features do not quit there. 2015 Dodge Rampage concept supplies phenomenal freight lugging capacity above and below the dual-bed flooring. As a 2nd tailgate, the back bumper fascia also drops down to disclose a confined storage area prolonging (with the seats up) far enough forward to offer room good enough to fit a pile of 4’x8′ plywood sheets.

2015-dodge-rampage-Concept trunk

“This is ‘tidy storage space,'” says Krugger, “something most pickups today do not have.”.

Integrated with the Sto-N-Go seating in the log cabin, these cargo box features offer the proprietor -and his/her family– unequaled versatility sure to be appreciated, whether visiting the shop to acquire materials for a weekend break task or taking the family members off on an outdoors getaway. An additional considerate touch: In order to keep the back of the car devoid of bothersome heat and fumes when accessing the dual freight beds, the engine exhaust leaves using specially-trimmed vents onward of the rear wheels.

“Bold, effective and wonderfully qualified in innovative brand-new ways, the 2015 Dodge Rampage concept automobile supplies a brand-new vision for the American pickup truck and the energetic lifestyle people which drive them,” mentioned Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President– Design, Chrysler Group.

2015 Dodge Rampage Exterior Features.

5-foot functional bed with double method mid-gate.
Cab forward, short front overhang.
Expandable freight size.
Sliding back doors.
Covert additional storage compartments.

2015 Dodge Rampage Interior Features.

Sto-N-Go � front passenger and back 60/40 seating.
Level load floor.
Automatically-deployed side sill actions for much easier entry/egress.
One-of-a-kind I/P and upper cowl design feature.

Powertrain and Suspension.

Engine: 5.7 L Hemi with MDS.
345 hp / 375 ft-lbs @ 5400 / 4200 RPM.
Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive 5 speed automatic.
Suspension: Front / Rear– Independent / Independent.

Weight and Dimensions.

Vehicle Weight: 5000 lb (est.).
Length: 215.1″ (5149mm).
Wheelbase: 142.2″ (3611mm).
Front Overhang: 33.5″ (852mm).
Back Overhang: 39.4″ (1000mm).
Width (max): 80.0″ (2032mm).
Elevation: 74.3″ (1887mm).
Track Front / Rear: 67.7″ / 68.2″.
Apprch. / Depart. Angle: 31.7 º /
39.3 º. Turn Circle: 46.0 ft (14.0 m).
Married couple: 33.8″ (859mm).

Wheels and Tires.

Tire Size Front / Rear: P305/50R22 34.0″ (864mm).
Wheel Size Front / Rear: 22″ x 9″.
Tire Manufacturer: Goodyear.

Color design.

Exterior: Liquid Carbon.
Interior: Charcoal.

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2015 Dodge Rampage


Engine: 5.7 L Hemi with MDS.
345 hp / 375 ft-lbs @ 5400 / 4200 RPM.
Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive 5 speed automatic.
Suspension: Front / Rear-- Independent / Independent.

Price: $30,000


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