2015 Ford Bronco Release Date and Price

2015 Ford Bronco Release Date and Price – The new 2015 Ford Bronco is coming soon to the market. Ford Bronco is an SUV sold in United States from 1966 to 1996. During its history it shiftted from the small 4 wheel drive compact SUV to the full size SUV. It went full size with major redesign for the 1978 model year when Ford start making it on its famous F series platform base.

2015 Ford Bronco Concept

2015 Ford Bronco front

Ford Bronco was a part of major television event when it was part of the O.J. Simpson police chase. It was driven by the O.J.’s friend with Simpson sticking a gun to his head, police following the vehicle, and masses gathering on the side of the road. Everything was filmed by the TV camera and it’s definitely an epic moment of the American TV history. Bad ass Ford Bronco was also the part of the trial evidence against O.J. Only two years after that Ford discontinued the production of one of the favorite American SUVs.

2015 Ford Bronco back

Eight years after that Ford tried to launch a new 2015 Ford Bronco with showing a concept of the new vehicle on 2004 North American International Auto show in Detroit. Whole project was dropped after launching a new Ford Escape in 2013 model year, but there still are some rumors new Ford Bronco will see the daylight.

Ford announced they will produced 15 new vehicles for the American market and 22 new vehicles world wide. It is possible new Ford Bronco will be one of those. If it is going to look anything like its 2004 concept version, it will have box-like roof line, short wheel-base and round headlights similar to the early Bronco models from the 60’s.

2015 Ford Bronco Interior

2015 Ford Bronco interior

We can also expect some cutting edge technology and comfort in the interior. The 2015 Ford Bronco would mainly compete with Jeep Wrangler in the American market and Wrangler went a long way in the last few years with increasing its comfort and offering some top of the line hi tech features in the interior department, so 2015 Ford Bronco needs to bring some nice innovations in this field.

2015 Ford Bronco Engine

2015 Ford Bronco engine

We still can’t know anything about the engine new Ford Bronco could have. 2004 concept version had a 2.0 L intercooled turbodiesel I4, but is that enough to compete with Wrangler and some other Japanese SUVs, we will need to wait and see for ourselves.

Release Date

2015 Ford Bronco

The 2015 Ford Bronco is far from production, at the moment there are only rumors, so release date and price of the new 2015 Ford Bronco are unknown and it is going to stay that way for some time.

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Bronco Price

2015 Ford Bronco review

O.J. incident made this SUV hit the news world wide. Did it make it famous or infamous? Nobody knows. People say that any kind of popularity is a good popularity. If Ford marketing experts think similar we can see new Ford Bronco rolling out of Ford’s production facilities next year. Where there is a smoke there is a fire too.

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