2016 Ford F-450 Towing Capacity

As we all know, Ford company has a long line of pickup trucks, and the new improved rough, lasting and comfortable 2016 Ford F-450 is the latest addition to that line. This vehicle can, without interfering its driveability, withstand even the toughest jobs and tasks. It will still have its recognizable look, but with a much more contemporary and attractive touch. Massive weight loss will be achieved with the new aluminum- made body. The Ford F-450 2016 will have better fuel economy and towing capabilities, thanks to its new weight of 8611 lbs, which is some 1000 lbs lighter than the previous models.

The current model has several unique details that separate it from other models, and the new one will inherit those details. It will come only in AWD and only in a crew cab version with a dual rear-wheel 8-foot bed variant and special-designed Alcoa Forged wheels. It will come in the same trim options as the current model: XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum.

2016 Ford F-450 back

Ford F-450 2016 Engine

The changes that concern the new F-450’s engine, are the improved and enhanced performances. The new even more powerful 6.7 liter V8 turbo diesel engine with 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of max torque engine will be paired with a 10 speed automatic Powerstroke gearshift.

2016 Ford F-450 engine

The new temperature control system is designed so that it maintains the temperature in the 2016 Ford F-450 and enhances turbo efficiency and performance. It will be able of hauling and towing with ease and still it will maintain great fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Exterior of the new Ford F-450

As we already mentioned, the aluminum will be used, and the body panels will be made of it. This will result in achieving a lighter design and giving the new F450 a head start in the market when compared with the other trucks in this class. Ford has also made some refreshments of the aerodynamic design of the 2016 Ford F-450.

2016 Ford F-450

Further on, the new high quality headlights, tailgate handles, bright chrome accents, a tow hook and redesigned chrome bumpers will give the vehicle a sleeker overall look. The chassis will be stronger and the suspension will be improved, tires and towing gear helps the new F-350 keep the best-in-class maximum towing rate of 31,200 pounds.


The 2016 Ford F-450 now offers great comfort and high end technology for its passengers. The truck will be able to take up to 5 passengers and new head and hand rests will be added. Having the comfort of all the passengers in mind, the dual zone climate control was designed and added. All seating will be made with true soft leather to ensure durability and use over time.

2016 Ford F-450 side

The new Ford F-450 will have many high quality interior features, such as the telescopic steering wheel, high quality sound speakers, an 8-inch touchscreen with infotainment capabilities, and the transferring ability of images from external cameras. Mesa Brown leather upholstery with a cattle brand on the seat, and wood grain highlighting in the interior will be available in the “King Ranch” package.

2016 Ford F-450 Release date and price

The release date of 2016 Ford F-450 is not available yet, but its release can be expected around the end of 2015. The price of the new F-450 should be around $ 53,000 for the base model.

2016 Ford F-450


Towing capacity: 19,000 lbs
MSRP: From $53,060
Payload: 5,389 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating: 14,000 lbs

Price: $53,000


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