2016 Toyota Fortuner Interior Specs

For all of you who were impatient to see the pictures of the 2016 Toyota Fortuner, waiting is ended. Brand-new Fortuner was spotted on the road and Toyota released several photos few weeks ago. Along with the pictures, some information was published which (at least some of the info) confirmed speculations that have been with us for a while. Fortuner is one of the SUVs manufactured by Toyota that won’t hit the North American market. With this SUV Toyota is targeting Asia and several other countries outside this continent, such as Egypt. However, it resembles some other Toyota’s SUVs such as Hilux and it takes a lot after this vehicle. There are few big differences though and the biggest difference is the interior. We must admit that it is not as luxurious as the Hilux but, thus price will be significantly lower. We advise you to check all specs about this SUV and see all its pros and cons.

2016 Toyota Fortuner ENGINE

The biggest upgrade is expected in this field. Previous models had outdated engine units and there was plenty of room here for an upgrade. This means new Toyota Fortuner 2016 will come with the new improved engine unit. Toyota hopes that with the 2.5l diesel which can deliver 105 HP will meet the needs of their customers. However, we suppose they are aware of the fact some customers require more power thus they decided to introduce one more engine.

2016 Toyota Fortuner engine

The 2.7l inline-7 is the second option and it comes with 55 HP more than the base engine. There are some unconfirmed speculations about an even more powerful engine but don’t take this to the bank. For the first time Fortuner will come with five-speed automatic gearbox and six-speed manual transmission. Engineers put a lot of effort in improving the Fortuner and thus we believe it will be far more competent than before.

INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR of the new Toyota Fortuner

As we have already mentioned, even though it resembles Hilux it will have less quality interior. That doesn’t mean interior is not good, just it is not as luxurious as Hilux’s due to company’s wish to create a cheaper SUV, affordable to customers who are on a tight budget. 2016 Toyota Fortuner is equipped with standard equipment and it has a touch panel that enables you to control most of the features.

2016 Toyota Fortuner front side

Exterior has always resembled Hilux but this year it comes with few refreshments and several unique characteristics. It will have some new panels and new grille will be placed at the front. New Fortuner is quite spacious and it offers plenty of room for every passenger as well as for the cargo, hence, it is perfect for long family vacations.

2016 Toyota Fortuner interior

2016 Toyota Fortuner RELEASE DATE AND PRICE

The biggest advantage of the 2016 Toyota Fortuner is the price. According to unconfirmed sources, the price should not exceed $30,000.

2016 Toyota Fortuner side

Of course, we still need to wait and see if new engine units will be included in the offer. At this moment, it is not known when new Fortune will hit the market, but there are many experts who believe launching will happen in the first half of 2016.

2016 Toyota Fortuner rear

2016 Toyota Fortuner


BODY: 4795MM (L); 1855MM (W); 1790-1835MM (H)
WEIGHT: 2110-2135KG
THIRST: 7.8-8.6L/100KM

Price: $30,000


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