All About the Casita Trailer 2020

Traveling and camping come with different types of decisions. Usually, the top on the list is the recreational vehicle to choose to get the best camping experience.

While there are several options available for RVers, the Casita travel trailer remains worthy of consideration by every standard.

Casita’s existence dates back to when John Lang founded the enterprise in 1981. This trailer was designed to help ease the problem of size, while still creating enough room for storage, to the end that campers enjoy the best traveling experience.

Striking features


It is designed to ensure a luxurious camping experience while being economical at the same time. One of the things that makes this trailer stand out is its aerodynamics design and efficient combustion engine that was engineered to reduce fuel consumption, even while it is working.

This means that you can enjoy fuel economy when towing this trailer down to the camping location. This travel trailer is also built on a steel frame around a fiberglass shell, making it more lightweight. The insulated cabin also adds a beautiful and safer appeal to the trailer.

The inside features are also similar to that of other recreational vehicles, only that the interior is arranged to allow adequate space for storage and passengers. The Casita trailer can readily accommodate two people on its king-size bed. Although most people do not like cooking within the trailer, you can still use the kitchen gadgets to prepare a decent meal.


The hot water shower and toilet are strategically placed, making it easy to do some cleanups, just before going to sleep. Some designs also provide RVers the option of watching TV and enjoy a regulated temperature with the Air conditioning Unit.

For those who love to enjoy the beautiful views while traveling, the Casita model also has windows big enough to provide you with a wide range of sight while driving.

The fiberglass design makes it challenging to experience a roof leak, so the casita travel trailer is more durable than the other trailers available. Hence, if you do not have enough money to buy a new one or are strictly on a low budget, you can consider getting a used one on ZeRVs. Several dealers display their casita travel trailers on this site, and you can easily choose from any.

Variations of the Casita


Since its launch in 1981, they have been made into different versions and designs, all of which have varying dimensions and weight. The most popular ones include:

  • M-13 Patriot Deluxe, a single-axle vehicle that measures about 13 inches in length, 6.8 inches in width, and weighs about 1880lbs.
  •  M-16 Freedom Deluxe, a more upgraded version of the M-13, with a length of 16 inches and a weight of 2185 lbs.
  •  M-16 Freedom Standard is a more compact version of the freedom deluxe, with a weight of 1970 lbs, and it is not self-controlled. This version is almost similar to the M-16 Liberty Standard.
  • M-16 Liberty Deluxe and the M-16 Spirit Deluxe share similar features with theM-16 Freedom Deluxe, only with a more upgraded interior design.
  • The M-17 versions of the freedom and spirit variations are similar, with the deluxe version weighing 2480 lbs and 17 inches. The standard versions have a smaller weight of 2210lbs.
  • The M-17 independence deluxe and standard version also share a similarity with the freedom and spirit versions. It is important to note that the standard versions of all the M-17 series are not self-controlled.

The braking system varies with the series. The 16 inches casitas have their brakes on the axle, which can also vary in dimensions between 8-10 inches.


The prices of used casita travel trailers vary with the dealer, but all of these are available on, and all are standard prices. For the new casita, the deluxe version’s average cost is about $21,000; however, this can again vary depending on the retailer involved.

Who can use the Casita?


These are best suited for couples going on a vacation or friends who love to hit the road and visit countries. This is because of its small size and average carrying capacity. If more than two passengers travel in the casita travel trailer, it might not be comfortable enough, and in the long run, they might not get to enjoy their traveling experience.

The Casita travel trailer is the right choice for those who reside in places where parks limit entry to big trucks and trailers. Some parks make those who come with big trucks pay heavily on the parking spot. This can be discouraging, and this one can be the best pick in conditions like this, owing to its small size.

When looking to buy a used casita travel trailer, you must confirm that it is perfectly good with all the features still intact. Some dealers add features that are not available online, and most buyers will not know until after they have purchased the trailer.

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