2014 Nissan Titan

The new 2014 Nissan Titan is on the market. Anytime you are out shopping for a full size truck, you are most probably looking for something with the ability to take you on significant towing expedition anytime you need to.in addition to that you may also want a vehicle that would come in handy for your daily transportation notwithstanding the comfort you need for your convenience. The 2014 Nissan titan is here to offer you a little more than that.

2014 Nissan Titan Performance and Design

2014 Nissan Titan side

The 2014 Nissan titan is an amazing performer which does not compete with the rest in whatever respects anymore. Despite the fact that other segments are striving to release next generation makes of full size trucks, this has dropped is with style with its great design, safety and technology. Notably, the 2014 Nissan titan remains the most special looking and special sounding of its kind in the market.In the most recent 10 years of the titan’s production, there hasn’t been dire need to change its general wellbeing. In spite of the hard plastics in the interior ageing it, its exterior is one of the most distinctive made as compared to the other segments.

2014 Nissan Titan Engine

2014 Nissan Titan engine

With its standard 5.7-liter V8 engine and its ability to tow 9,500 pounds which is a little lower than the tow ratings, it is the thirstiest for fuel in this segment. As it is, there is quite a problem in the fuel economy and it disadvantages its users by not offering a lower fuel plan.The 2014 Nissan titan comes in two body styles for instance, the king cab and the crew cab with four trim levels as well as a wide variety of equipment, luxury for the users and priceless comfort. Regardless of its interior being made of plastic, we can still give thumbs up for the adequate space inside them.

2014 Nissan Titan Price

2014 Nissan Titan review

The titan caters for mostly the adventurous group of people so that it doesn’t compromise their comfort and giving them convenience at the same time. The PRO-4X and the SL ranges are aimed at the group who would go for luxury anytime with PRO-4X’s unique features like rancho shocks tow hooks, a lockable tailgate and storage box and SL’s looking all like a lady all dressed up for a night out.With a rear wheel drive, a 5-speed automatic transmission and 317 hp @5200 rpm horse power, this vehicle’s prices ranges between $29 and $43 with the cheapest truck being the 2WD King cab SWB S for $29,360 and the most expensive being the 4WD Crew cab SWB SL for around $43,280.

More information:
Nissan http://www.nissanusa.com/trucks/titan

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