2014 Nissan Navara

The new 2014 Nissan Navara is on the market. Owning a latest car model nowadays is a dream to many people across the globe. But there is more to buying a latest make; that recognizing its role, functionality and which work the ride will offer to you, but there are great cars that offer you virtually anything that you wish to undertake due to their well developed engines.

2014 Nissan Navara review

Nissan Navara 2014, is such an amazing car, it offers you whatever sort of work you look forward to undertake. With a perfect engine size, and a long list of features, you will realize the best latest car model in 2014.

2014 Nissan Navara Price

2014 Nissan Navara preview

The Nissan Navara 2014 has been highly developed with the best features but its price is reasonable. Depending on the currency you use the prices are highly rated in dollars and Euros. Its price may vary between dealers due to statutory charges and dealer delivery. Getting an exact figure may be quite tricky; however you are guaranteed a better price. It may range closer or more than the $56,990 Nissan Navara 4×4 ST-X Dual Cab model.

2014 Nissan Navara Engine

2014 Nissan Navara engine

This car has a modern type engine, with a V6 Turbo Diesel Engine; the car can cover such a longer distance within the shortest time possible. It is able to deliver a massive 170kWs of punch and a wonderful 550Nm of torque. This shows how the car is a powerful make that offers the best when it comes to functionality. Its powerful engine can quickly accelerate on steep hills while still carrying luggage and it will just move simply than it can be believed.

2014 Nissan Navara Performance

Nisan Navara performance is highly rated from the manufacturer to the users on road. Fitted with a smart technology, the car can perform greatly due to presence of smooth acceleration installation. For instance Dual cabs have a 7 speed automatic transmission that harnesses all power and torque. It makes the best maximum towing loads and its performance is enhanced with a manual mode of shifting through gears.

2014 Nissan Navara interior

2014 Nissan Navara Fuel consumption

The Nisan Navara 2014 has a well developed fuel consumption tank. Its connectivity with the engine has been enhanced to enable it take the little consumption of fuel as possible. Navara D40 ST Dual-Cab Pick-Up 4×4 Series 7 manual models has a 2.5 liter engine and this can simply indicate that its CC is greatly improved to favor your budget when it comes to fuel consumption.

2014 Nissan Navara Release date

The company has had different dates for the release of their Nisan Navara models; the next teased model will be released in June 11th.

2014 Nissan Navara Battery

A higly powered battery that lasts longer and does not encourage easy leaks. It has a better reserve capacity and lasts longer as you use the vehicle.

More information:
Nissan http://www.nissan.com.au/Cars-Vehicles/Navara/Range-and-Pricing

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