2016 Ford Ranger Release Date & Price

2016 Ford Ranger hits the market more redesigned compared with the older model. The previous model had problems related to the weight and size. The 2016 Ranger is a redesigned model with a new light aluminum body, as well as reduced weight and special unique features. For example, the redesign will include a changed grille, headlights, and bumpers. While the older model closely resembles of F-series F-150, the new Ranger will hit the market with more performance to deliver. But, the decision on whether to enter the market under the name Ranger has not been decided yet. There are some rumors that say that the new model might be given a brand new name, the F-100, and become a part of the F series.

2016 Ford Ranger Engine

Under the hood there will be a 2.0 l EcoBoost engine, which generates up to 240hp and 270 lb feet torque. The Ford Edge model is already using this engine. Fuel economy performances are rated at 21 mpg for city and 30 mpg for superhighways and highway use. The second engine option is the newest brand 2.3-l EcoBoost turbocharged engine, with direct injection for powerful driving force to deliver high speeds, and capable of producing up to 285-horsepower, and 305 lb feet torque. The 2016 Ford Ranger will also feature excellent ecological characteristics.

2016 Ford Ranger review

2016 Ford Ranger Exterior

The development of 2016 Ford Ranger will be based on the popular Ford Atlas platforms. High quality aluminum and high-resistance steel will be used on the vehicle. The materials will very much contribute to the less weight of the entire car, but will also be highly reliable and extremely durable. The new Ranger will also have its front and rear bumpers redesigned with modern design and lines, giving it a more attractive look. Further on, it will have a redesigned grill that fits just fine with the new attractive style. Headlights will have sharper line, resulting with a much more aggressive overall look.

2016 Ford Ranger preview

Interior of Ford Ranger 2016

The inside of the 2016 Ford Ranger will have more features than before, new materials, and comfortable seats. The safety of the new 2016 Ranger is now on a much higher level. With a luggage capacity of 1000 pounds, it is a very spacious and highly functional. The Ranger’s interior will not be as luxurious as the cabin of F-150, but its higher trims will still offer leather upholstery and a few soft-touch options. On the other hand, the base models will come with good old standard cloth seats, and everything else will be made of modern affordable materials. A 4.2-inch touch screen will be standard in all but the base model, while optional 8-inch with navigation will be available just for the high end models. It will also have all connectivity options. In addition to all mandatory airbags, anti-lock brakes, stability control and trailer sway control, the new Ranger will get an optional rearview camera with blind-spot monitors.

2016 Ford Ranger side

2016 Ford Ranger Price

The 2016 Ford Ranger is expected to be some $5,000 cheaper than its bigger cousin the F150 and the price range should be from $20,000 to $40,000, depending on the trim and the equipment and this range seems fair enough, considering the performances it has to offer.

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