2016 Toyota Hilux Concept Price Review

The new 2016 Toyota Hilux Concept is unveiled. After seven generation of famous Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks, the 2016 model is eagerly being awaited as new line of Toyota engines are announced and it could make this popular vehicle even more reliable. New model brings major changes in the exterior, interior and even engine lines.

2016 Toyota Hilux Concept Exterior

2016 Toyota Hilux Concept diesel

Simple face lifting was not enough, so new models beefy looking exterior could become real challenge for competition. Minimalistic design is now abandoned and designers decided to use good old aggressive front bumper grill combination to achieve more contemporary exterior. This mighty wheeled steamroller should be considerable larger than previous models, it is expected to be more than 5.2 m long. The Toyota Hilux 2016 could be a real stepping stone for pick-up trucks made by other companies.

Toyota Hilux Concept 2016 Interior

2016 Toyota Hilux Concept interior

Daredevil, expensive and shiny interior should make omnipotent customers very pleased with these vehicle. As predecessors did not sustain many innovative changes during the years the 2016 model could compensate it.

New Toyota Hilux Concept Engines

2016 Toyota Hilux Concept diesel engine

In 2016 Toyota Hilux Concept planed to introduce new very efficient petrol engines.
If hilux get one of these new petrol power-plants with unbelievable thermal efficiency of 38 percent it will make it even better than any model with traditional diesel engine. There is no information about comparable achievements among the competition.

2016 Toyota Hilux Concept engine

Technically speaking these engines are at least 10 percent more efficient than present time used engines. They are made using an Atkinson burning cycle, high compression ratio and rapid combustion process. All those things led to higher thermal efficiency of engine so fuel consumption are considerably lower.

It is still unknown which 2016 Toyota Hilux Concept diesel engines would be used beside Toyota’s well known diesels. It is likely that there is a possibility to get these famous pick-ups with monstrous 5.7 liters Cummins diesel engine

2016 Toyota Hilux Diesel Concept

Hilux 2016 Concept Price

Toyota has not yet announced Toyota Hilux Concept 2016 prices but those faithful enthusiastic customers who are patient enough will get state of the art concept vehicle for their valued money.

2016 Toyota Hilux Release Date

The 2016 Toyota Hilux Concept release date is unknown yet, but we heard some rumors that it will be at the end of 2015.

2016 Toyota Hilux


Warranty: 3 years/100,000km
Safety: five star ANCAP
Engine: 2.4-litre 16-valve turbocharged diesel
Power/torque: 110kW @ 3400rpm, 343Nm @ 1400-2800rpm (4×2), 400Nm @ 1600-2000rpm (4×4)
Thirst: 7.7-8.5L/100km (combined, diesel)

Price: $20,990


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