2018 Honda BRV Price, Interior and Engine

2018 Honda BRV – In order to meet the specific requirements of each market, manufacturers usually release different cars across the world. One of these is the BRV, a subcompact crossover sold by Honda since 2015. The car is based on the same platform as the Mobilio but it offers quite a few more features than the MPV. It has more space, a meaner look, and slightly better features. However, this comes at a price. The current version of the BRV is priced from around the equivalent of $13,000 which is in the mid range of its class. Even so, Honda still managed to sell quite a few more than they expected which is mostly thanks to the car’s character and a set of features. Even though it is quite successful though, an update might be on its way.

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Most rumors suggest at this point that an update will be released with the upcoming 2018 Honda BRV. It looks like this will not include all that many changes but it should be more than enough to give the BRV the best value for money on the market. On top of that, it should also add some missing features that would allow the BRV to excel in most markets. The price is still unknown but it looks like it is not going to change much over its predecessor.

2018 Honda BRV Design

It seems the 2018 Honda BRV will get a small revamp in order to look in line with Honda’s latest cars. In the front, the car is likely going to receive a new bumper with slightly larger grilles than before and new fog-lamp housings. Also, the small black plastic shield might be replaced by a silver one on the higher end models. The headlights will change for something closer to those on the CR-V while the grille is set to decrease in size. These changes should allow the BRV to not only look like Honda’s other cars but they should also give the car a more playful character than before. In the back, the BRV will retain the massive tailgate.

However, the tail lights, with their unusual LED strip that runs across them, might be gone. Also, the license plate might be moved from the bottom to the middle of the tailgate. The car is also expected to receive new wheels, likely new color schemes and possibly a new trim level as well. The latter would be focused on those looking to get a sporty looking car with the features of a small SUV.

Inside the cabin

Not much will change here in terms of layout. The 2018 Honda BRV is still going to be able to offer between 5 and 7 seats which are highly impressive for a car this small. This time around it looks like there are going to be more available features even on the base model. A new infotainment system is definitely going to be installed while the base cars will now come with more airbags as well as better safety features than before. The middle and rear seats might receive USB charging plugs while some models of the car could get a Wi-Fi hotspot which is a really sought after feature these days.

2018 Honda BRV Under the hood

The ongoing model is being powered by two 1.5 liter engines, a diesel, and a petrol respectively. Both of these are actually expected to be carried over to the 2018 Honda BRV. The petrol engine is likely still going to make around 118 horsepower and 107 lb-ft of torque which is quite good for its size. The diesel, on the other hand, will provide nearly as much power while offering a lot more torque. The best part is that it will do all of that while also using quite a bit less fuel. A 6-speed manual will be standard for both while a CVT automatic will be offered as an option.

Front wheel drive will still be standing with an optional four wheel drive system is available on the higher end models. Some also suggested that Honda’s newest 1.0-liter turbo-three could be added to the range. With over 110 horsepower and 130 lb-ft of torque, this would be a good alternative to the older 1.5 liters naturally aspirated engine. The drawback would be the price so it remains to be seen if it will actually be added to the car.

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