Is Avantis Enduro a good Off-Road motorcycle

Do you like off-road motorcycle riding? Are you looking to buy an off-road motorcycle? Off-road motorcycles or dirt bikes are like other motorized two-wheeler motorcycles that are used to ride on heavy terrain areas and dirt roads.

Avantis Enduro 250 is a Motocross Motorcycle manufactured by Avantis. The bike runs on Petrol and has a capacity of 250 cms with a maximum speed of 120 km/h. Avantis Enduro is a good off-road motorcycle with lightweight and has better suspension, which makes it easy to ride on an uneven surface. Apart from this, these bikes have knobby tires, wider handlebars, spoked wheels, an engine sump guard, and an upswept exhaust.

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Specifications of Avantis Enduro 250



  • Battery 12V-4.5AH
  • Ignition – Electronic (CDI)
  • Engine start – Electric starter + Kickstarter
  • Number of cylinders – 1-cylinder
  • Fuel grade – AI-92
  • Fuel tank material – plastic
  • Engine power (hp) – 21
  • Engine displacement (cm3) – 223
  • Engine cooling – Aerial
  • Fuel supply system – Carburettor Nibbi Racing PWK 32
  • Number of measures – 4 stroke


  • Wheel size – 21 ”
  • Front tires – 80 / 100-21 “
  • Rare tires – 110 / 100-18 “
  • Main gear – Gold chain 520
  • Wheel disk – Aluminium
  • Type of drive – Chain on the rear axle
  • Transmission – Classic 5 tbsp, 1-N-2-3-4-5


  • Length (mm) – 2120
  • Width (mm) – 885
  • Height (mm) – 1190
  • Dry weight – 112.5
  • Seat height (mm) – 920
  • Ground clearance (mm) – 250
  • Packing length (mm) – 1680
  • Packing width (mm) – 460
  • Packing height (mm) – 870
  • Package weight (kg) – 133a



  • Rear shock absorbers – Regulated
  • Front shock absorbers – Regulated
  • Rear suspension – Swing arm with mono-shock absorber, 480 mm, QX with adjustable compression and rebound damping
  • Front Suspension – Inverted telescopic fork, 940 mm, QX with compression and rebound damping adjustment


  • Maximum speed (km/h) – 120
  • Maximum load (kg) – 150
  • Fuel tank volume (l) – 7.5


  • Front brakes – Hydraulic disc
  • Rare brakes – Hydraulic disc

Features that make Avantis Enduro a good Off-Road motorcycle

Avantis Enduro 250 is one of the best off-road motorcycles and is a perfect choice for off-road motorcycle riding. Here are some common features that make Avantis Enduro a good off-road motorcycle:

1. Frame


Off-road motorcycles are built differently than regular motorcycles. The frame of Avantis Enduro 250 is constructed in such a way that it can withstand different loads and has been built with different materials. Since off-road driving requires a certain amount of overcoming obstacles and falling over, they are sturdy but lightweight. These off-road motorcycles are more compact and have a small and lean machine which makes them suitable for off-road riding in heavy terrain.

2. Front and Rear Suspension

The front and rear suspension is another important part of an off-road motorcycle. Suspension helps in absorbing small bumps, which makes it easier to control the bike. The wheels move up and down to absorb shocks when landing jumps. The suspension is tweaked for more comfortable rides on your off-road motorcycle. The front and back suspension of Avantis Enduro 250 is equipped with regulated shock absorbers and front suspension with inverted telescopic fork, 940 mm, QX and compression and rebound damping adjustment, and rear suspension with swingarm with mono-shock absorber, 480 mm, QX with adjustable compression and rebound damping.

3. Tires


Off-road motorcycles come with different types of tires than regular motorcycles. The tires of Avantis Enduro 250 come with knobby tires, which are ideal for off-road riding. Knobby tires provide better traction, and the narrow design of the wheels enables easy navigation during off-road riding on rough roads.

4. Rider Stance

The seating position and the saddle is an important factor of an off-road motorcycle, and it is different from a regular motorcycle. While riding an off-road motorcycle on difficult terrain, always keep your body weight on the front of the bike. Putting your weight on the front keeps you interfering with the back wheel. The seat and saddle of Avantis Enduro 250 are designed perfectly so that the riders can put their weight on the front part of the bike, making it a perfect bike for off-road riding. Also, the motorcycle has wider handlebars to provide you with better control of the bike and easy navigation for narrow passages in hilly terrains.

Final Thoughts

Avantis Enduro 250 is a Motocross Motorcycle used by riders for cross country driving, motorbike racing, etc. Avantis Enduro is a Chinese-designed motorcycle with advanced high-end features and stylish looks and design. The motorcycle is specially designed for adults and teenagers to drive on rough terrain as well as on city roads. This motorcycle is perfectly designed for off-road motorcycling with exciting features like FastAce suspension, air cooling, power cooling 172 FMM and 21 horsepower, and much more. If you want to buy an off-road motorcycle, then Avantis Enduro 250 is a good choice for off-road motorcycle riding.

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