Why You Should Routinely Have Your Car Detailed in 2024

To most people, car detailing is typically reserved for those times your car really needs a good clean — or if you’re selling it.

However, you would be surprised to know that routinely detailing your car has a range of benefits beyond just keeping it looking good and smelling nice. As you’ll know, with any product or even your home, it’s better to keep things clean than let them get dirty and cleaning them with force or difficultly — and the same goes with your vehicle.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the reasons why you should work to routinely detail your car.

1. Detailing Keeps the Car ‘New’

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One of the most obvious reasons for considering routine car detailing is to keep your car looking and feeling new.
Doing this won’t only keep your car feeling fresh, but you’re also going to hold on to its value for longer without needing to do much at all. As you might already know, carpeting in your vehicle and fabrics on your seats are susceptible to damage and stains, and keeping them clean with a routine detailing service is a good place to start.

With those points in mind, you’ll need to spend less on a detailing or a complete gutting of your car’s fabrics and internals when it comes time to sell. You’ll save time, money and give potential buyers a look into a car that’s been clearly looked after, and you might even be able to rely on this to get you a higher resale value.

2. Certain Fabrics Have Maintenance Requirements

As you may already now, heading to a car detailer like DingGo for detailing may need to happen on a more regular basis if you have leather, suede or another type of material present in your vehicle.

For example, leathers, suedes and even engineered timbers making their way into higher-end vehicles should be meticulously taken care of and that means having a routine detailing service booked in for your car.

Keep in mind that these types of materials are far more costly to replace or reupholster in your vehicle if they’ve been worn or damaged beyond repair. You’ll be asked to cough up a lot more for this than you would for a detailing service, and so this is another key reason why car detailing should remain a priority.

3. Engine Bay Cleaning is Another Concern

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You may have noticed online that some detailers also offer engine bay cleaning solutions too, and this is another significant part of keeping your car like new, and well-detailed.

As you might know, leaving your engine bay dirty and unkept for a long while can result in more than just a difficult pre-sale clean, but rather cause damage to all of the underlying mechanics in your vehicle.

There’s a build up of grease and grime that you need to keep on top of, and your detailers will be able to take care of this for you — before it becomes too hard to deal with.

That in mind, seeing your detailers from around three to four times per year for this task is a good idea unless your servicing takes care of this task for you.

4. Paints Require Routine Cleaning

In line with keeping your car like new, you’ll also want to be sure that you’re getting your paintwork looked after.

According to cartoys.com there’s a good chance your vehicle sees a little more bird poop and bug splatters than it would like, and with that in mind, it’s always good to ensure these things are taken care of before they sit and cause damage to your paintwork

On top of this, you may find that matte paints and other custom paint jobs require a more pedantic cleaning regimen to stay in good shape, and so this is another key reason to see your car detailers on a routine basis — to keep your paint where it should be, on your vehicle and no peeling off.

How Often to Detail Your Car

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Regularly having your car detailed is an important part of vehicle maintenance. If you’re searching for professional Auto Detailing Near Me services, consider reaching out to experts in the field. Finesse Pro Services offers comprehensive auto detailing solutions. With their attention to detail and expertise, they can restore your vehicle’s shine and cleanliness, leaving it looking as good as new. Whether it’s removing stubborn stains or rejuvenating the interior, their skilled technicians can provide the care your car deserves.

With all of our above points out of the way, you’re likely asking yourself — how often is a routine car detail.
The answer is — it depends.

If you’re someone who uses their car every day of the week, or at least during week days we would suggest you see you local car detailers between four and five times a year to make sure you’re getting to the bottom of issues before they become a problem.

For those of our readers who are looking at less frequent drives, then you might be better off choosing to see your detailer from between once and three times a year at max to take care of issues such as carpet cleaning and paintwork cleaning.

In all, you’ll want to do your best to figure out how dirty your car gets with use and work to select a routine car detailing solution that carefully takes care of any potential issues down the line.

Don’t wait until carpets stain, or until your paint begins to chip before booking an appointment with a car detailer.

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