What Should You Have In Your Car At All Times? 

What are some of the things that you have in your car? Some people hardly keep anything in their car while others stuff their cars with a lot of unnecessary items. Whether you drive a truck or a car, there are some important things that you should have in your car. These things can be a savior in case of unforeseen emergencies or car breakdown. 

No one can predict what is bound to happen in the future. However, you can be well prepared for any emergency that you are likely to encounter on the road. I have prepared a list of important things that you should always have in your car. 

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Jumper cables 

There are several reasons that can cause a dead battery. If you are in a remote area where it is hard to get help, you might end up being stranded if you do not have jumper cables. This is why you should have jumper cables in your car so that you can deal with dead batteries. 

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First aid kit 

Having a first aid kit in your car is very important. In fact, in some states, the law requires all drivers to have it. Sometimes you might be involved in an accident and experience minor to serious injuries. Having a first aid kit can help you deal with wounds before you get medical care. Again, you can help another person. After all, sharing is caring. 

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Spare tire 

This is something that you should not miss in your car. Sometimes you can end up with a flat tire and it can be frustrating if you don’t have a spare tire.  If your car didn’t come with a spare tire and doesn’t have room for one, you can opt for slime. 

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Hazard triangle 

You should always carry hazard triangles or flares in your car. In case you experience any problem at night, you want to be visible to the other road users. Just like the first aid kit, hazard triangles are also mandatory to have in many countries. 

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A blanket is an important item that you need to have in your car always. It will help you keep warm during the cold winter months. If you experience car breakdown or want to change tires, you can catch cold and having a blanket will help you keep warm. 

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Traction mats 

Having traction mats will help you get out of any sticky condition. These mats are designed with cleat-like anti-slip spikes that work well in grabbing the snow or ice. The traction spikes are both sides so it can grip the tires and the ground as well. 

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You should not miss a flashlight in your car. At one point or the other, you are likely to experience vehicle breakdown even at the most inconvenient time. You need a flashlight so that you can know what is going on in case your car fails at night or in low light conditions. 

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Body wipes 

You do not necessarily need to have a kid to buy baby wipes. You should always have them in your car because you can use them to clean your hands in case they get dirty when you are changing the oil. Fully body wipes will also help you deal with any messes in the car as well as wipe your dashboard. 

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Tire pressure gauge 

It is good to have a tire pressure gauge so that you can check the pressure of the tires on a regular basis. This will help you get better handling, save lives, boost tire longevity and boost fuel economy. 

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Cell phone charger 

Having a cell phone and a charger in your car is important. Sometimes you might need to call for assistance and if your cell phone is off, you can end up being frustrated. If you are taking longer trips, you should also let someone know your route and the estimated arrival time. If you don’t show up, at least they can send someone to look for you. 

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Carjack and wheel chocks 

This is an important item that you should have in the car trunk to help you deal with flats. Not only should you have a car jack but also learn how to use it properly. Look for a secure jack to prevent your car from slipping off the jack. 

Wheel chocks are also important because they ensure that your car doesn’t roll off the jack. You need to place these triangularly shaped stoppers under the car wheels to prevent your car from moving. 

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Car cover 

You can buy a portable car cover with mirror pocketsto protect your car. If you are parking your car either indoors or outdoors, you can protect it from elements if you have a car cover. There are different types of car covers that are available on the market today that suit different types of cars. You just need to choose the right one that provides a custom fit. 

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Non-perishable food 

Always have snacks like energy bars, craisins and much more in your car. In case you are stranded and it takes time to get help, you can be hungry if you don’t have any food to eat. Having some snacks will help you stay full as you wait for help. 

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Duct tape 

Having a duct tape in your car will help you handle simple repairs on the road. These tapes are easily available online on in your local auto shops. 

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Every car owner should have a toolkit in your car. A basic toolkit should include important items likes a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, wrench and much more. These tools will help you do some repairs on the road. 

Final Words 

The above are some of the most important items that you should always have in your car. Having these essential items will help you in case you experience any problems on the road. It could be an accident, dead battery, flat tire or general vehicle breakdown. If you don’t have the right tools, you might end up being stranded. Make sure you keep the above items in your car. You can also add other important items that you think will save you when on the road. 

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