2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero Review and Price

The 2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero is on the market. Mitsubishi L200 has a complicated history. It production and sale started in Japan in 1978, during that time it was also known as Mitsubishi Forte. It was sold until 1986. when its production for Japanese market was discontinued. Mitsubishi L200 started his American adventure in 1979. where it was labeled as Dodge Ram 50 and Plymouth Arrow Truck, until Mitsubishi started their own import into the United States.

2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero back

They used the name Mitsubishi Mighty Max, and Plymouth and Dodge names were discontinued. After that it changed its name on American market to Mitsubishi Raider, which shared its platform with Dodge Dakota. This pick up truck was sold under countless number of names and labels around the world, going through 4 generations and had various sale stats. Mitsubishi L200 newer models are inspired by Mitsubishi pick up trucks used for the dessert rally races. There are rumors that new Mitsubishi L200 model will have some new updates together with Super Select 2 four wheel drive system which was standard for Mitsubishi Pajero SUVs.

2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero Exterior

2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero  side

Mitsubishi’s new model is not changed much in its exterior. L200 look is inspired by the desert rally racing cars. It will have a adventurous aerodynamic exterior look like it came directly from Dakar. Mitsubishi L200 will come in Double Cab, Single Cab and Club Cab versions. Double Cab version has 4 doors, while the rest two versions have 2. Also Double Club version of Mitsubishi L200 will be much more comfortable.

2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero Interior

2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero  interior

The 2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero interior will be top edge hi tech. Instrumental panel from hard plastic will be big enough to fit large touch-screen navigation system on it. It will also come with sporty steering wheel and some cutting edge hi tech infotainment technology.

2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero Engine

2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero  engine

New 2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero model will come with good old 2.5-litre turbodiesel four-cylinder engine, seen on previous models. This engine can pull around 140 horsepower. Biggest update for this model will be Super Select four wheel drive system. Earlier it was usually seen on Mitsubishi Pajero models. Super Select system enables the driver to change driving modes between front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive while the car is in motion by the stick located next to the gearshift. This will give new Mitsubishi L200 better off-road capabilities, as well as better fuel economy while driving on the road. It will also lower the noise motor makes.


Price of the new 2014 Mitsubishi L200 Pajero is still unknown as well as the releasing date. We will need to wait for the fall this year to have some new information.

Mitsubishi L200 is a standard popular pick up truck really good in off-road conditions, powerful and reliable. It will definitely have good sale stats in years to come.

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