2015 Toyota Hilux Concept and Price

The new 2015 Toyota Hilux will have some significant changes in the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. Since its original origin, the vehicle has experienced only slight changes in its design over the years, but Toyota has determined that it is time for a few considerable changes in the new Toyota Hilux.

2015 Toyota Hilux General improvements

The 2015 Toyota Hilux comes with improvements in an extensive diversity of areas. First, the size of the cargo of the vehicle will be enlarged to three groups, offering extra space with a total capacity of three tons. Additionally, the new Toyota Hilux is intended to handle diverse kinds of land, all varieties of climate. The new vehicle is designed to handle all kinds of setting such as rain, snow, high winds, burning hot sun, or icy settings.

2015 Toyota Hilux colors

2015 Toyota Hilux Engine

The new 2015 Toyota Hilux definitely has under its hood a premium and influential engine. However, it is still a secret and nobody from Toyota wish to disclose information. However, it is expected that the new model Hilux will be equipped with a 4-cylinder, 2.5-liter or 3-liter diesel engine.
The engine is mated to five-speed automatic and manual transmissions, according to the choice of the buyer. It is unspecified that a change in the choice of the engine will not be excessively high, but can only be certainly better.

2015 Toyota Hilux engine

This mentions the power and performance of the engine and the customer, as all automakers are positively doing their best to lessen it. Owing to new guidelines planned by Toyota, there will be new abridged levels of carbon dioxide releases, and a higher competence in the way that the engine functions. It will still be an influential track that will be an all-wheel drive automobile, but it will be planned to perk up the economy of the engine.

2015 Toyota Hilux Exterior

The new model 2015 Toyota Hilux will be getting a diverse look to its exterior. This will comprise a special looking grill on the front of the Hilux, and changes in the front and back headlights. The suspension of the vehicle has been redesigned to reduce the noise and vibration as it drives, using recently planned shock absorbers.

2015 Toyota Hilux side

2015 Toyota Hilux Interior

Inside the new 2015 Toyota Hilux Concept model, there is a novel weather control system that has been included to create the travel more comfortable for the passengers and the driver. All the seats are designed with high-quality leather cushion, an innovative simple to exercise touch screens will make drivers drive the vehicle easily. The towing ability of the new Toyota Hilux has been increased from 5000 lbs to 6500 lbs. Active and passive security features have also been enhanced on the new Hilux.

2015 Toyota Hilux interior

Video of 2015 Toyota Hilux concept:

Release date and Price

New 2015 Toyota Hilux has already hit the market and it’s available for purchase for around $50,000, give or take, depending on the model you decide to buy.

2015 Toyota Hilux


Warranty: 3 years/100,000km
Capped servicing: $1080 over 3 years
Service interval: 6 months/10,000km
Safety: 7 airbags, 5 stars (est)
Engine: 2.4L 4-cyl turbodiesel, 110kW/400Nm; 2.8L 4-cyl turbodiesel, 130kW/450Nm; 2.7L 4-cyl, 122kW/245Nm; 4.0L V6,175kW/376Nm
Transmission: 5-spd and 6-spd man, 6-spd auto; RWD/4WD
Thirst: 7.6L-12.0L/100km
Dimensions: 5330mm(L), 1855mm (W), 1815mm(H), 3085mm (WB)
Weight: 1775kg-2080kg
Spare: Full-size steel or alloy
Towing: 2500kg-3500kg

Price: $50,000


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