2016 Ford F-350

The expectations for the new 2016 Ford F-350 are big, considering that it will come as a new generation model with a more attractive look and many details inherited from the F150. The new model will inherit the good things his little cousin has, such as the use of aluminum body panels, instead of the steel ones. This will provide a massive weight reduction of the vehicle. By the words of the people from Ford, when compared with the older models, the new Super Duty will have better performances in many segments. The 2016 Ford F-350 will be available in following options: 3 cab designs, 2 bed lengths, 2 rear axle options, and 5 trim levels. The interior will have a new, more car-like style, and plenty of high tech features which are necessary for the today’s modern vehicle.


Under the hood of the new 2016 Ford F-350, 2 engine options are expected. Base option will be the restructured 6.2 liter V8 petrol engine which makes 385 horses and 405 lb-ft of torque. The second option is a 6.7 liter V8 turbo diesel engine capable of producing up to 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque, which is probably the most powerful in its class. Both engines will be paired with the 6 or 8 speed TorqShift automatic transmission.


2016 Ford F-350 review

The outside changes and redesign of new F-350 starts with the reduced the overall weight. Ford is now using lightweight and strong materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum, and this way the new F350 will lose weight and improve general performances and mpg ratings. The estimated number of doors will be either two or four. It will also have bigger, redesigned alloy wheels, from 17 to 20 inches. The front and rear bumpers will get a retouch as well. Beautiful chrome details are also expected on the 2016 F-350, such as the massive, powerful and yet elegant front grille, which will give the vehicle a more luxurious look. Headlights will be slightly refreshed and powered by LED technology.


As far as the inside of the vehicle goes, the new 2016 Ford F-350 will be equipped with first-class materials. The Ford’s designers put a lot of small features, but they also kept in mind the overall look of the cabin. Leather upholstery, metal underline and timber, make an ideal balance and comfort. The driver’s dashboard will have a screen with all the necessary information about the condition of the vehicle and cargo. The MyFord Touch infotainment unit will be in charge of all high-end technological features and gadgets such as, sound system, USB slot, routing, internet, stereo, wireless. Enabled speech management and hands-free contacting will also be available for a more secure driving. The large telescopic leader will have additional control buttons for easy management. Air training will be able to separately control the heat range of the front and the back side of the cabin.

2016 Ford F-350

2016 Ford F-350 Release date and price

The 2016 Ford F-350 will be available for the customers at the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016. The price range is expected to be from $35,000,which is the price for the base model, while the platinum trim model is expected to be around $ 57,000.

2016 Ford F-350 side

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