2017 Tesla Pickup Truck

Pickup truck enthusiasts are glad to hear that subcompacts are finally back and the 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck is scheduled to be released in 2016 too. Rumors about Tesla developing an electric Pickup Truck have been circulating for a while and it seems that the vehicle will soon be ready to be put on sale.

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Some trusted sites reported that the 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck will share its platform with the Ford-F series and that it will provide mind-boggling towing capacity. It will boast aggressive exterior design and elegant interior. Read the article below to find out more about the 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck.

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Exterior

Deep information about the Tesla Pickup Truck is yet to be announced. If we take into account its platform, we can make some assumptions about the way the vehicle might look like. The front end of the vehicle will probably adopt black grille and body-colored bumper.

The sharp LED lights along with long fog lights will also be present. Around back, the vehicle adopts large taillights with LED bulbs and large bed. The overall appearance will be enhanced by an excellently designed set of 18-inch alloy wheels.

Tesla Pickup Truck 2017 Interior

The cabin of the upcoming 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck will be elegant. It will be loaded with latest technological features and driving assists. Featuring two rows of seats, it will have ample of space for four passengers. All of them will enjoy driving in this spacious, comfy, and modern cabin. Apparently, the three-way adjustable seats will be standard, but if you want more, the ten-way adjustable seats are in the books as well.

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The seats will provide heating and ventilating functions. All major parts of the cabin such as steering wheel and seats will be dressed up in high-quality leather upholstery. Some of the features that will be offered as standard include keyless entry, entertainment system with HD screen, satellite navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, dual-zone climate control, and more.

Tesla Pickup Truck Engine

The source of power for the 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck is yet to be revealed. We gathered some, still unverified details about the potential combo for the newcomer. Since the Tesla Pickup Truck will be a heavyweight model, it requires powerful engine under its bonnet. It will probably employ a 2.0-liter V-8 turbocharged powerplant with power output of roughly 400 horses and 350 lb-ft of torque. A powerful 60 kWh battery will come up trumps too.

The engine itself will be made out of lightweight materials to cut the overall weight of the vehicle and make it as much aerodynamic as possible. Some sites claim that the combo will be backed up by a six-speed automatic or manual gearbox while others claim that the carmaker will actually employ a seven-speed or an eight-speed transmission. Both FWD and AWD will be in the game.

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Pricing

If everything goes according to plan, we will see the 2017 Tesla Pickup stretching its wheels on roads in late 2016. The price of the base model is estimated to be roughly $40,000

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