2014 Isuzu D Max Review and Pirce

The 2014 Isuzu D Max is a pick up truck, made by Japanese company Isuzu Motors. It is based on a same platform as number of General Motors pick up trucks, like Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.

2014 Isuzu D Max back

It was released for the first time in 2002 model year and it is assembled in Thailand together with other GM vehicles that share the same base. It is also sold in Thailand and South-East Asia as well as in the Middle East under the name Chevrolet Colorado (although this version is not the same as Chevy Colorado sold in United States).

2014 Isuzu D Max Features

Similar to other vehicles from the same platform all earlier Isuzu D Max models have bulky and powerful look. It will share much of its exterior look with Colorado and Canyon, with slightly modified grille and front bumper. We think 2015 model will not defer much from its standard exterior look seen in previous years. It will have a tailgate and a bumper step on the back for easier cargo loading and it will come in number of trims like Single Cab, Double Cab etc.

2014 Isuzu D Max Interior

2014 Isuzu D Max interior

Interior of this vehicle is probably going to be redesigned. One of the biggest lacks of earlier Isuzu D Max models as well as the GM models produced on the same platform is their lack of comfort inside the cabin. Some better upholstery and padding are expected as well as some more comfortable materials on the door trim. The thing Isuzu is definitely not going to change is the good air conditioning even the basic versions have, electric windows in the front part of the cabin and height-adjustable headrests.

2014 Isuzu D Max Engine

2014 Isuzu D Max engine

It is still unknown which engine is new Isuzu D Max model going to have, although we predict it is going to be the same as powertrains from the 2015 Chevy Colorado model which is available with 2,0 four cylinder or 3,6 liter six cylinder engines. One of the best features of earlier Isuzu modes was their fuel efficiency, so we can expect 2014 Isuzu D Max being even more fuel efficient with lower carbon emission then ever. It will probably come with four wheel drive, and six speed automatic transmission.

2014 Isuzu D Max engine


Price of this vehicle will go from $37,069 for the basic Single Cab version and around $48,000 for the Double Cab version.

2014 Isuzu D Max is good looking, powerful and highly fuel efficient pick up truck. We think its sales will go well in a next few years with pick up truck market being on the rise as well as the fuel efficiency becoming one of the prime concerns of the new pick up truck buyers.

More information:
ISUZU http://www.isuzuute.com.au/d-max/overview.aspx

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