2014 Mopar Ram 1500 Review and Price

The new 2014 Mopar Ram 1500 is on the market. Mopar stands for ’’Motor and Parts’’ and it is an organization, part of Chrysler Group that deals with car parts, services and customer care. Unlike other similar organizations in other car manufacturing groups, Mopar also makes some custom made vehicles. Since 1996 Mopar organization started sponsoring races and making custom race vehicles and race addapted versions of regular vehicles from Chrysler Group. That is how Ram Mopar was born. In 2011 model year it was made to make competition to Ford F 150 Raptor which was inviolable in its class of custom-made trucks.Model for 2014 model year debuted on this year’s Chicago Motor Show.

2014 Mopar Ram 1500 front

2014 Mopar Ram 1500 Redesign

New 2014 Mopar Ram 1500 for the Chicago Motor Show is made in orange paint. It is a Mopar customozed version of Ram 3500. It has an 8 foot pick up box, as well as the bedliner and utility rails so it can transport a cargo longer and bigger than its pick up. It also has a ‘’surf rack’’ which can also be used for transporting longer cargo elements or if you want to spend a fun day at a beach a surf board. It also has a stirrup step made in corrosion resistant durable die-cast aluminum alloy.

2014 Mopar Ram 1500 Interior

From the inside 2014 Mopar Ram 1500 has the same color scheme as the truck’s exterior. It has leather upholstery with some orange contrast stitching. On the cabin floor it has all weather floor mats. New Ram Mopar also comes with number of high tech features in security as well as in infotament area. It comes with vehicle tracking system in case somebody steals your vehicle as well as cargo-view camera, parking distance sensors and number of other security options. It also comes with huge touchscreen displays and Uconnect application.

2014 Mopar Ram 1500 back

2014 Mopar Ram 1500 Engine

New Ram Mopar comes with wide selection of possible powertrains, all made by Mopar division of Chrysler Group. Best bet would probably be 6,7 liter diesel BOLT engine. It comes with 6 speed automatic or 6 speed manual transmission and around 400 horsepower.

2014 Mopar Ram 1500

2014 Mopar Ram 1500 Price

Price of this vehicle is still unknown, it will be much more expensive then regular Ram 3500 truck, with all the premium Mopar parts added.

Trucks became one of the most popular vehicles in United States in last few years, and this mean we have a chance to see some high power and beauty in this class in the future. Times of Ford F 150 Raptor being the only option in customized truck class are long gone.

2014 Mopar Ram 1500 preview

More information:
Mopar http://www.mopar.com/ram/1500/2014/

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